Lunar Eclipse, June 2020

The power to rise, conquer and gain courage.


Tonight is the night of the Full Moon and the partial Lunar eclipse.

As we know, during a Full Moon the general energy is strong and visible.

I mean, people are outgoing, more exuberant and like to go out to party. We throw caution to the wind and let our instincts bubble to the surface in full view of the world. Emotions that are usually calm and behind the scenes get played out in full view.

An Eclipse is often seen as a portent of doom, but it is also as an opportunity for change on a grander scale than your ordinary monthly Full Moon.

An Eclipse has a long lasting effect and just as you can feel the energy building towards the Full Moon, so we can see the effect of an eclipse manifesting sometime in advance.

I hardly have to tell you about the energy of this eclipse. It is blatantly obvious and playing out full power across the world. But just for clarity, here is my take on it.

First of all, we have many planets retrograde in the sky right now, meaning: they don’t work in the usual way. We are likely to have a look at how things have played out and like to reverse the general situation.

The Sun and retrograde Venus are together in the Stars of Rohini. These stars are associated with the Moon, thus these two bodies give much of their energies to whatever is playing out through the Moon.

The eclipse packs a real whammy in the Nakshatra of Jyestha, where the Moon is situated.  18 Jyestha

Jyestha is known as the Chief Star, ruled over by the God Indra, the king of heaven. Here we have a focus on power or a struggle for power. In the sign of Scorpio this power is not blatantly apparent as it would be in Leo where we clearly see the king on the throne, but here we are dealing with hidden or secret inner power. Inner authority, autonomy.

A certain level of paranoia or fear will be apparent, a fear that our power is taken away from us, hence the struggle to take it back.

The power to Rise, Conquer and Gain Courage is the Shakti or super power associated with Jyesta. Well, we are certainly tapping in to that.

Jyesta is said to be a hard, sharp and dreadful Nakshatra. It likes to take, or keep a position of power and authority by any means possible. It favours fighters, heroes and warriors. It gives great stamina and determination.

Jyesta Nakshatra also bestows protection, as seen from the symbol of the umbrella. We can also call up magical protection: see the other symbol of the magic amulet.

With retrograde Venus in Ronini we are likely forced to temporarily give up our sense of comfort and security to focus on what needs to be done. The growing of crops and a sense of civilisation or culture also fall under the domain of Rohini and will be similarly affected.

Mars (action) is still in Aquarius. Think rebellion, revolution. (and intensity in Poorvabhadrapada, where things can switch from cool to crazy in a flash)

Mercury (communication) is strong and “mad as hell” in Ardra star.


Oh well, I could tell you more, but have to go and join my own neighbourhood protest camp again. There is not much time for the comfort of home or business as usual these days.


Good luck with it all, folks.

Now is the time to Rise, Conquer and Gain Courage.


Greetings from Ireland,

 ~ Madhuri ~


June 2020 ~Astro Report~

Happy Solstice
Welcome to another wild ride for the month of June

First of all we must rejoice because the Kala Sarpa Yoga was broken by Mercury at the end of last month, freeing us from the karmic bondage that we experienced when all planets were hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu.

Furthermore, Rahu has moved from Ardra Nakshatra to Mrigashira, a much gentler energy to deal with. Again, this is a breakout for the Nodes of the Moon from the most difficult Ardra/Moola axis.

So now, hooray, this month starts a new chapter for the most karmic of planetary influences.

However, unfortunately we are not eagerly going forward and walk into the sunset to live happily ever after just yet, because four planets are retrograde at the start of the month with a fifth, Mercury, joining the retrograde brigade on the 17th. It’s time to make sense and take stock of what happened.

Saturn retrograde, the planet of work and limitations, is most likely making us go back to work, but with some restrictions in place. Hopefully we will also see a rethinking of certain restrictions on borders, perhaps an opening of travel and parcel post etc. Saturn works slow and cautious so don’t expect too much freedom straight away.

Jupiter Retrograde is still under heavy influence of restricting Saturn and in a debilitated position, so the planet of growth and optimism is not going to function according to its usual inclinations, nor is it going to grant us its beneficial blessings. To make matters worse, it is moving back to a tight conjunction with Pluto retrograde, this will eventually transform all that Jupiter stands for, such as religion, or religious leaders and institutions, universities, judicial and financial systems. Of course for transformation to occur we will have to experience complete chaos and destruction before we see a new paradigm emerge in these areas. This process will take time and we are in the middle of upheaval and uncertainty now.

Jupiter will retrograde back from Capricorn to Sagittarius on the 30th this month for a bit of respite. More on this next month.

Our beautiful Venus has been travelling the sky quite independently all year. 4 RohiniDue to Venus not being directly involved, most of us have been able to experience happiness and comfort despite all the difficulties imposed on us by all the other transits. In the first week of June Venus will be combust by the light of the Sun and will make the transition from being the Evening Star to Morning Star, and besides this, she will be retrograde all month. Venus indications such as our sense of love and beauty and comfort will be temporarily interrupted. We may feel a lack of money and experience some trouble or doubt in love relationships. Relationships from the past may be highlighted due to Venus retrograde. She goes direct on the 25th.

As thwarted Venus is in the Stars of Rohini, which indicate the exchange of cultural programs, it is now blatantly obvious that concerts, workshops, lectures and other such planned events are likely to be cancelled or reviewed. The transportation of food crops is also under Rohini’s domain, it was hampered in a big way and will be reviewed too.

On the 18th of June, Mars, the planet of action, moves from the sign of Aquarius to n26 UttarabhadrapadaPisces. Before that date, while Mars is in Aquarius, we may expect rebellion and mass social disobedience or uprising. After that, with Mars in Pisces, we can tap into the “Spiritual Warrior” energy, but it will still be very unsettled until the 24th when the planet moves to Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra. From then on, for about 3 weeks, we have the opportunity to use the raw energy of Mars in combination with the qualities of a true Peaceful Spiritual Warrior star. While Mars is travelling through this Nakshatra we are advised to bring our attention inward to improve ourselves, meditate, find true virtue, wisdom and inner peace, while showing compassion, empathy and benevolence to our fellow beings in the outer world. Humanitarian action is favoured by these stars too.

June is by no means an easy month. We will have a partial Lunar Eclipse and a Full (annular) Solar Eclipse.

During the Full Moon (5th June) there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse. It will take place in 18 JyesthaScorpio, in the Nakshatra of Jyestha, also known as “the Chief Star”. We will have to find our inner “hero” and learn to come to terms with our own independent authority on a deep level, as opposed to authority imposed on us externally by others. Be ready and prepared to enhance your own sovereignty and autonomy. This eclipse scenario is complex but extremely important considering the times we live in.  It will take too long to go into it fully. A report on this Eclipse will follow shortly.




The Solar Eclipse will take place on the 21st n5 Mrigashirawhen the Sun is at its full strength at mid-summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and at its lowest strength in the Southern parts during mid-winter. It’s a huge happening for the Sun to be darkened while at its highest brightness. The Full Eclipse takes place in the sign of Gemini and in the Nakshatra of Mrigashira, a gentle and peaceful star, but before the eclipse is over, the Moon has already moved into Ardra, the star of efforts, transformation, tears and sorrows, while the Sun will follow just a few hours after. In any case, it looks like we are avoiding the worst case scenario by the skin of our teeth. In astrological terms this eclipse is a huge event for the world and for all of us individually.

Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto, the ultimate transformer, during this time.

To get into all the complexities, I will have to write a separate article on this eclipse closer to the date. Meanwhile be prepared, stay alert.

We live in crazy and eventful times.

Be Happy, Stay Healthy, Be Strong!


Best Wishes and Greetings from Ireland.





May 2020 ~Astro Report~

I have been so reluctant to write my findings for the month of May, because this is certainly not a “feel good” month. Hence this article is rather late.

 The month starts off with the Jupiter/Saturn/Mars conjunction still in effect.

The planet Mars is in its degree of exaltation and hopefully it is behaving in the best possible way. It has also moved little distance from stern and restricting Saturn. On the world stage we can hope that Mars, who signifies the police and army, doctors and medical personal, works with dignity now because of its beautiful placement in the23 Dhanishta Nakshatra of Dhanishta.

The difficulties and frustrations during the last two months have been severe when Saturn/Mars were in a tighter conjunction.

After the 4th or 5th of May Mars moves out of the quarantine control zone held by Saturn. We can breathe a small sigh of relief, but since Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn the restrictions won’t be over just yet.  …Can we have some music and dancing please?…

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism and fortune has been in the grip of limiting Saturn too.

For worldly affairs Jupiter rules travel, religious institution (churches, temples, mosques) and the economy. Due to the strong influence of Saturn, who gives hard work, poverty and deprivation, these Jupiter indications have been completely thrashed.

By mid month Jupiter and Saturn will both go retrograde together, thus we can expect a review of the effects of the world wide lockdown.

On a personal level, we will take stock of what just happened, before we can resolve how we go forward from here.

On the 13th this month Venus will also go retrograde. She will ask us to review what we really need to feel secure and comfortable. What possessions, how much money do we want or need? How much do we value our family, or our lovers?

All month in the Nakshatra of Mrigashira, Venus will behave soft and tender, gentle andn5 Mrigashira peaceful. Under her influence we will truly want to search for what it is that brings us fulfilment. The stars of Mrigashira give us incredible perception and alertness, almost like a sixth sense. With Venus here we may feel a telepathic or extra-sensory bond with our loved ones.



From 21st to 28th Mercury joins Venus. These are particularly favourable days to explore all the above, as Mercury will enhance the innate curiosity of Mrigashira Nakshatra.


The Full Moon will fall in the Nakshatra of Vishakha on the 7th this month.

Known as the Star of Purpose, this Nakshatra gives great ambition and persistence in pursuing a particular goal. So this is a good time to consider what we want to achieve and how to go about it. Under this influence we might become so obsessed with reaching what we aim for that we can disregard the needs of those around us. Let’s not forget there are other people in our lives.

Vishaka is also known as “two branched”, meaning that we can have doubts about whether we pursued the right goal. “What if I had done this other thing instead?” On the world stage we will see a review of the situation and perhaps a change of track.


 The New Moon, the start of a monthly cycle will take place on the 22nd in the (sidereal) sign of Taurus.  On this day, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Venus are all together in Taurus. The emphasis will be on security and on gathering the materials we need for a comfortable life. For each individual what makes us feel secure will depend on which house Taurus represent in the birth chart. 8th House Taurus will want psychic connections and arcane knowledge. 2nd House Taurus needs money and family. 12th House Taurus wants some alone time to feel secure.

With 4 Grahas in this sign, this issue will be greatly highlighted. This is a powerful Moon.

The Stars of Krittika, where the New Moon falls, are the beautiful Pleiades. Have a look in the sky, just before or after the New Moon, it surely is a lovely sight to see a sliver of a Moon near the Pleiades

These stars in Vedic astrology indicate purification and independence. It gives us the ability to cut out or burn all useless things, thoughts, people, ideas that we needlessly carry around. It can bring a very hot, forceful and explosive energy. With Venus retrograde we will review what has gone before and adjust as necessary.

While you are purifying your life, please remember to be kind to others!

The Sun will be extra-ordinarily strong in the hot Nakshatra of Krittika from the 10th3. Krittika until the 25th this month. People or authority figures may want to show their power. Let’s all stay cool in the ego department. Drink lots of water. Don’t get sunburned.

Never the less, it’s a wonderful energy for purification, particularly by fire rituals.

(Sun in Krittika     10th – 25th May,   Moves from Aries to Taurus on 14th)



Kala Sarpa Yoga, all planets being caught in between Rahu and Ketu, is still  in operation nearly the whole month of May.

Times of Kala Sarpa are usually times when Karma plays out. By being forced to purify the Karma from the past, or in other terms: to live through the results of our past actions, we will eventually shape a new future.

 With 4 planets going retrograde (if we include Pluto) and the Kala Sarpa Yoga in place, we can safely conclude that we are not going to make any progress this month. There will be a particularly heavy feeling on many levels in the 2nd week this month.

On the 23rd, Mercury will break out of the Kala Sarpa Yoga. I expect we will be let out to play and meet our friends. Conjunct Rahu, we will go quite over the top on the communication front. Crazy and illusionary articles and videos will circulate on the internet and social media.



Rejoice. Although difficult ~These are Powerful Times~


Best Wishes, and Greetings from Ireland



New Moon, April 2020

Hi folks,

This New Moon is very interesting.

About 4 am UT on the 23rd Sun and Moon will come together in the Stars of Ashwini.

Ashwini Nakshatra, known as the star of Transport, falls in the first part of Aries.

It deals with fast healing, physicians, youthfulness, courage and transport.
1 Ashvini

The Sun is in exaltation by degree at the time, which means it will be able to work at its best.

As our mighty Sun stands for vitality, we may feel good, really good, powerful, optimistic and healthy. It also represents authority, status and power and the government of course.

This new cycle (as is every New Moon) will herald discussions about opening up and lifting restrictions on transport, I expect.

Unfortunately, the planet Mars, the ruler of Aries, is still heavily under the influence of Saturn who puts all these restrictions in place, so don’t get too excited just yet.

As we have it, Mars is also in its place of exaltation and might enjoy deploying the police and army to enforce the restrictions, but there will be a feeling of progress at least.

Mars will move into Aquarius on the 4th of May. Some ease of restrictions may be expected after that date.

Again, don’t be jubilant to quickly, as according to Vedic astrology the sign of Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn who likes to delay and limit.

But hey, we are slowly making progress.

We also still have the Kala Sarpa Yoga in effect. All planets are bound by Rahu and Ketu who are responsible for the Covid 19 outbreak in the first place.

The Nakshatra of Ashwini is ruled by Ketu and thus at the moment of the New Moon, Ketu the graha of isolation and alienation, will be activated.

However, we can use Ketu for spiritual pursuits and enlightenment and also for delving into our intuition and past karma. And with Ashiwini, of course, we can work on healing ourselves.

There is no reason to get bored.

The energy set in motion by the New Moon always culminates at the next Full Moon, which will be on May 7th in the Nakshatra of Vishakha. I expect some kind of review by then, an enquiry into whether we (or rather the governments) made the right decisions, after all, these restrictive measures where made quickly while in panic mode in the first place and might not have been the best option. Vishakha can make us change tracks.

By the end of May Mercury will be the planet that breaks the Kala Sarpa Yoga.

We may see some real changes by then. Baby steps, as Mercury is a youth. Intelligent and curious but not wise,

However, this New Moon will be the beginning of a better time.


Enjoy, Be Well.


Greetings from Ireland,


~ Madhuri ~


April 2020 ~Astro Report~

Planetary transits for April 2020 (sidereal zodiac) 

April is the month when we will be confronted with the energy of Rahu und Ketu in a most pure and powerful way.

They have captured all the planets in a Kala Sarpa Yoga and both sit alone in their sign. The Nodes of the Moon are not planetary bodies but invisible points in the sky, thus they work in subtle and mysterious ways. As they are still in the most transformative and destructive Nakshatras, we can expect some karmic reset for the world at large and in our own lives.

Rahu in the Nakshatra of Ardra gives us the courage to make efforts towards fulfilling 6 Ardraour destiny and desires by taking drastic steps. This month we must aim to align with our purpose in life, although we may not quite know how to do this.

Some area in our life begs for transformation. Something must be cleared and destroyed to make way for a new energy or situation.

This personal transformation, and the transformation in the world at large, can not be achieved without some sorrow and tears for the loss of what has gone before. On the 22th Rahu moves into the Nakshatra of Mrigashira. I expect we will be over the peak of the Covid 19 disaster then.

Rahu calls for outward directed action.


On the other end of this axis we have Ketu in Moola, this month also free to act without 19 Moolahindrance.

Moola energy combined with Ketu asks us for total transformation. This works on the deepest inner level. It forces us to uproot all our delusionary attitudes and ideas to reach our ultimate inner truth. Through deep enquiry we may experience spiritual awakening and complete reversals in our life and belief systems.

This Rahu/Ketu axis is not for the faint hearted. We must be willing to face losses and, if our loved ones are bewildered by our new attitudes and actions, we may temporarily feel like an outcaste. This outcast feeling is of course also brought on by the lockdown and social distancing measures.

The Moon will activate the Ketu energy on an emotional level on April 13th.


The Nakshatra of Uttara Ashada is loaded with complicated planetary energy this month. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars (and Pluto) are all sitting together and not all of them get on well. This takes place in the sidereal sign on Capricorn.

In the world around us this combo of planets will put restrictions in place. By now we can see this is due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Saturn represents borders and restrictions, suffering and hard work. With Mars in the mix we may see the army and police forces involved.  Jupiter indicates travel, finance and religious institutions. Well, all that already ground to a halt and this is not likely to change this month.    Pluto makes sure things will never be the same again.

As without, so within. How this plays out on an individual level depends on our birth chart.

The best way to deal with it is to just get on with the work that is required of us. Maybe you will have to work on teaching your children, maybe work on relationship is required, maybe home and garden, your novel, art, sorting the website, the finances, work on ourselves, maybe look after elders. You will figure it out, just do the work.

We may feel things are developing too slowly for our taste, or we may feel restricted, frustrated, or maybe we need an entirely new approach, but be assured that slowly and steadily does it in this case. Our efforts will benefit us in the long run!

And of course, change brings new opportunities.


XC560-902321755Our individuality, status and sense of self, represented by the Sun will receive an aspect from Saturn during the first half of this month. This can diminish our drive and vitality while the Sun is in Revati Nakshatra. On the 14th we will feel a big improvement in self worth and vitality when it enters Ashwini, its sign of exaltation and away from the drishti of Saturn. Any self promotion will be much more appropriate and successful in the second half of this month.

We could see the number of cases of covid 19 diminish in some places from then on too, as Ashwini is the sign of the youthful healers, but this will be more apparent after the New Moon.


Full Moon on the 8th will be in the Nakshatra of Chitra.

Artist and designers, take this inspiring opportunity to show your brilliance and create14 Chitra great work. Opportunities may come your way.

We can be newly inspired and may feel the need to create beauty and elegance in some area of our life.

This Nakshatra deals with outward beauty. Fashion, jewellery, art, architecture, make up, landscape gardening and any form of design is favoured by this Moon.

Falling in the sign of Virgo we can pay good attention to detail.

If we reflect carefully, we will see that all that glitters isn’t gold.

A great time to find out what beauty is really all about.


The New Moon on the 23rd will see the Sun in exact exaltation.

This heralds a great time for a month ahead to start promoting new ventures. We will1 Ashvini feel extraordinarily self confident and can make quick decisions. Anything that is started this New Moon may give very fast results. We will feel powerful, youthful, and courageous.

Desires may suddenly be fulfilled (if we take the right action).

Health problems can be resolved quickly, as fast healing is indicated by the Nakshatra of Ashwini. Again this is a great boost to diminish the death rates we have been experiencing world wide due to Covid 19.

Ashwini is the Star of Transport. It is fast and impulsive, so try not to speed while driving. In the month ahead we can hope that some of the transport restrictions may be lifted.


Our beautiful planet Venus is shining bright in the evening sky. She feels extra happy in her own sign of Taurus. At first in hot Krittika Nakshatra she will take no nonsense and will tell us exactly what she wants. In Krittika, “the one who cuts,” we could feel cut off from our loved ones and our normal pleasures. From the second week onwards she will be in Rohini. Venus in this placement will make us feel beautiful, alluring and irresistibly romantic, or others may appear to us that way. An aspect of Jupiter will expand all these qualities and will add a sense of optimism to these feelings. Despite what is going on in the world, Venus still has the ability to make us feel comfortable and loved.

3. Krittika 4 Rohini


May we all radiate strength, courage, wisdom, kindness and beauty during these transformative times.


And Greetings from Ireland