27 Nakshatra Cards

Science of Light and the Nakshatra cards

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These large cards depict the symbols and keywords for the 27 star constellations of Vedic Astrology.
They are meant to make us familiar with the cosmic energies that come down to us from the Stars as the sages of Ancient India perceived them.

The cards are designed to give us a quick overview of the qualities associated with each Nakshatra. Although a lot of research has gone into the making of the cards, they are designed to be a fun and easy introduction to further study. The original idea behind the cards was to have them as a teaching tool for students of the Nakshatras, but they can be used by anyone, even as a divining tool in the manner of Tarot cards. They can be used to show to clients during astrological consultations, or you can gift them to your friends to spark their interest in Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology.

On the cards you’ll find many keywords associated with each Nakshatra, these words will activate the left side of the brain or our rational, male aspect. The artwork on the cards depicts the symbols and sometimes the Deities that are associated with the Nakshatra, these pictures will speak to our feminine intuition, our instincts and directly to our heart. So hopefully working with the cards will balance our understanding when we approach this subject, so we can integrate this knowledge on both levels.

The 93 page book, Science of Light, starts with an introduction to these 27 Nakshatras or constellations, explaining where and what they are and how their energy affects us. You will find some rudimentary information on Vedic Principles, Mythology and Cosmology. There is a chapter on where and how to find the information on the cards. Then there are two pages with information and advice on each Nakshatra.

You do not need to be an astrologer to have an interest in these energies, wisdom and advice from the cosmos is pertinent to us all. In any case, by investigating the wisdom of the stars we will surely broaden our horizon, after all, as human beings we are not only inhabitants of the Earth, but we are also part of the greater Cosmos.

The cards are included with the book and come in a little cloth bag.

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Some samples and details:



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