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In India today Jyotish or Vedic Astrology is still regarded as a science and can be studied as a university subject.

As Astrology follows the movement of the planets and stars, it moves with time, thus it doesn’t become old or out of date. It can easily be applied to our culture and our personal life.

Jyotish, even though an ancient science is accurate and up to date, particularly because it works with the sidereal zodiac which is astronomically correct

Most of us have some rudimentary knowledge of astrology, we may also be aware of the fact that our lives are influenced by our environment. When we expand our awareness we find that there are greater cosmic influences in our lives too.

As this wisdom of the stars was fine-tuned and brought forth by the sages of ancient India, we will find that when we implement their advice and wisdom we will be able to advance the development of our soul and at the same time take full opportunity of leading a fulfilling life as an individual during this life time.


 The Nakshatra Cards 

To spread this ancient knowledge of the stars, Madhuri recently created The 27 Nakshatra Cards and the Science of Light Book. These flash cards and the book will instruct students of Vedic astrology in a simple and fun way.

Not only astrologers will benefit, the Nakshatra cards are designed to whet anyone’s appetite to learn about the influence of the stars and the cosmos. Because the archetypal energies of stars are depicted on the cards using the traditional symbols, they can be used as oracle cards too, similar to tarot cards.

Please visit the 27 Nakshatra Cards page for more info.

Madhuri also offers a variety of Astrological Consultations.