Astrological Report for 2019 … part 1 …

March 6th 2019

Jyotish, the Science of Light, Vedic Astrology

General Astrological Weather Report for the rest of this year.

The Saturn, Ketu, Pluto conjunction.


Hold on to your hat, this year, from March onward, we see some difficult conjunctions of opposing forces. Transformation and Revolution are on the cards.

Some of us, depending on planetary positions in our birth chart and individual planetary time periods, may be breezing through this coming time, but most of us will be affected psychologically and/or by outward circumstances.

Be patient, stay cool and in the here & now.

The Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu are about to move sign, into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. Ketu will travel the sky with Saturn and Pluto for the rest of 2019, which will make for very unexpected situations, past karmic resolutions, tension, hard work and dissatisfaction. Eventually this must lead to revolution and transformation, due to this a lot of the time this year we will have the feeling that we really don’t know what’s going on.

To get a flavour of these conjunctions, think of the chaos of Brexit or the Yellow Vest movement as a little fore runner of events to come.

For all of us, some ingrained habit or some structure we have built for ourselves will be highlighted by dissatisfaction. We will realize that falling back on some of our long familiar patterns or situations does not make us happy or fulfilled. In fact, maintaining these habits will become crucially painful. This painful process is necessary to force the breakdown of the old and outdated, within ourselves and for the world in general. Usually there is no need for change when everything is feeling groovy. But this year will be the game changer.

Change however will be near impossible and not voluntary with Saturn the planet of boundaries and structure involved. Saturn is much better at suffering than at letting go, thus opposing change, stoically bearing the pain and discomfort until the bitter end.

Yeah. Ouch.

Ketu represents our deeds from the past, the things we are familiar with, the safe patterns we fall back on, it even represents past lives. Saturn is the planet of karma and stark reality.  Now we will have to face the reality we have created for ourselves, the result of our past actions. We will realize that we will have to set a new pattern if we are unhappy in certain areas of out lives. A combination of these two planets may bring back people or issues from the past that we are not finished with. Pluto will bring sudden dissolution and transformation. Depending on our individual birth chart we will be confronted with, for example: past lovers, past non-payment of tax, long neglect of home or car maintenance, old enemies we haven’t dealt with properly, old family matters, people from past lives, out-dated ideas and beliefs about ourselves, or long standing wrong habits that may now result in ill health.

Check in what areas in your life you are beginning to feel really uncomfortable, eventually you will be forced to transform these things. This year will initiate the breakdown of the old, resulting in a period of dissatisfaction and uncertainty until a new paradigm will become manifest.

In general, because the conjunctions take place in the sign of Sagittarius, we will see an “en masse” breakdown of religious institutions and a huge realization of dissatisfaction with (moral) authority figures and structures world wide, gurus, judges, institutions and governments included.

This will include a possible change in our own beliefs systems and moral attitudes.

Religious desperadoes trying to hold on, resisting change, may resort to fanaticism and terrorism. Governments authorities counteracting the trend of dissatisfaction may instigate draconian laws.

If we fine tune to Nakshatra level, we find that these planetary conjunctions take place in the Nakshatra of Poorvashada. Poorvashada is ruled by the Apah, Deity of flowing water. Because of this we may see flooding and particularly bursting dams, as the indication is that structures (Saturn) will disintegrate (Ketu), resulting in sudden disaster (Pluto). Saturn the planet of karma will then demand compensation for the resulting damage to life and property.

With Ketu we may see sudden fires too.

Any old and unresolved enmity between nations may flare up, as Poorvashada is the Nakshatra that declares war. For example look at India and Pakistan, who are right now getting very worked up at each other.

Using the energy of Poorvashada to our advantage, we may “declare war” on our own old nasty habits, thus transforming our lives for the better in the long run. As within, so without, as the saying goes. If we want to see change in the world, we need to do the inner work as well. This Nakshatra is very optimistic by nature and good at enjoying the here and now, so lets try to tune into those qualities. As the outcome of the revolution will not become apparent this year, amid the uncertainties we may as well focus on the moment.

These conjunctions in Sagittarius, the sign of inner wisdom and truth, will ensure that meditation and higher learning will serve us well during this time. The spiritual aspects of the Ketu/Saturn combination can give us the determination to set a regular spiritual practice of meditation and contemplation.

Om Namah Shivay & Enjoy.



Be Well.   Best Wishes.

Greetings from New Zealand,     … Madhuri …

next episode:  Rahu in Gemini. Outrageous Communication.

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September 2020 Astro Report part 2

Be Prepared….

This month three planets will change direction.

From our earthly point of view planets go retrograde and then later forward or direct again. Before changing direction they will be stationary, apparently at a standstill. At this stationary stage, the energy of a planet is extraordinary pure and powerful.

In September Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be stationary at some point. All three situated in their own sign, and thus able to follow their own agenda, will give us an incredible opportunity to tune into these planetary energies. Not by doing anything, but by simply being, by tuning in.

It seems like nothing is happening at all. There is a feeling of suspense, as if we are travelling through no-mans-land, waiting for something to happen.

Don’t worry, at lot of thing will start to happen shortly!

Mars will go retrograde on the 10th of Sept.

This impulsive warrior will then get pretty riled up about past issues that are unresolved. BLM, riots, protests about the Covid restrictions and such issues will be repeated. Due to Mars’ position in Ashvini Nakshatra there will be an aura of courage, of speed, of impulsive power. The object will be to finally receive healing for any of the issues that are highlighted.

1 Ashvini

Expect Mars to keep fighting on this front at least until the end of February 2021. Only in January next year, this battle will start to show some progress. Of course Mars rules the army and police force, so do fully expect them to be ready show their might too!

Jupiter will go direct on Sept. 13th. In Sagittarius Jupiter is wholly concerned with belief systems. In the stars of Poorvashada it may become fanatical and declare a righteous war. Hemmed between Pluto (at near standstill and ready to go direct next month) and Ketu (ready to change sign and at “boiling point” in Gandhanta), Jupiter will unleash its frustrations as soon as it moves forward mid month. There will be an undercurrent of almost religious fervour to Jupiter’s undertakings. This is great for spiritual practice and our sadhana of course, but it will fuel combatant Mars with “righteousness” by aspect and will make riots, protests and demonstrations “bigger and better” later this month.

In November Jupiter will catch up with Pluto, which has gone direct too. Surely the revolution will be in full swing then. Better get used to it, prepare and change our lives accordingly if necessary.

Saturn, the planet of restriction, goes in forward motion by the end of this month. More on this next month.

n12 Uttara Phalguni

Mercury (2nd-22nd) and Sun (2nd half of the month) are in the sign of Virgo, as always the case this time of the year. Virgo rules cultivated land and gardens and the constant work that goes into keeping this in order for food production. So, as usual, this is the time of year to show our biggest pumpkin at the agricultural show. Celebrate the harvest! Catalogue and store seeds for next year. Pay attention to minute detail, sort things, tidy up. With Mercury also being the planet of communication, it is a great time to boast about your best onions and cabbages on social media. Mercury is the 4th planet in its own sign this month, this is quite extraordinary. It seems all is as it should be. Mercury acts very intelligent in its own sign, it doesn’t fantasize or embellish. It states the facts.

When Rahu and Ketu change signs on the 23rd a big change in attitude and focus of attention will become apparent.The great hysterical internet exchange of wild ideas will finally die down a bit. Now Rahu will focus on security, on what we really value, on how to make our lives abundant in new ways during this time of upheaval and revolution. It’s time to start thinking about these issues in our own lives. Rahu can be obsessive, but will come up with solutions that are “out of the box”, novel or even taboo.

A year and a half period will start where we will be forced to implement absolute new ways to ensure abundance and food security for ourselves and our immediate family. Financial security too will be under scrutiny. Also, it heralds a time perhaps to use our voice to speak person to person, rather than communicate through electronic devices.

The search for new ideas is on.

Certainly food production and distribution is going to be unusual and this will be an “in your face” issue by next year. Unfortunately Rahu will grab what it wants by any means possible. By the looks of it, it is likely we will see food shortages in certain areas. Theft of food in transport may become a common occurrence. Truckers and transport companies are already refusing to go to certain areas in the USA. After Rahu moves into Rohini Nakshatra next year, we will see this issue escalate.

In any case, we need to get our act together and start inventing new ways of tapping into the abundance of Mother Earth and get in touch with what it is that we truly value.

.Ketu’s move into Scorpio will start a cycle of digging up dirt, secrets and scandals from the past. It will be an excellent time for deep research in any subject, not the least subjects of a spiritual or esoteric nature.

Alright, it seems this monthly report has gone into some long term trends and predictions. Please read it and share this with your friends.

We truly need to be prepared for what is coming.

As always, Best Wishes to everyone,

Greetings from Ireland,


grapes pic (2)

September 2020 Astro Report. part 1

The Sting in the Tail of the Scorpion

So much is going on in the heavens this coming month, I will write this in two parts.

(Remember we are working with the sidereal zodiac which differs from the tropical zodiac used in Western Astrology. The sidereal zodiac is astronomically correct; it is what we actually see in the sky)


Lets looks at Venus first.

Venus moves from Gemini into the sign of Cancer on the 1st of September.XC560-902321751

The planet of Love, Pleasure and Comfort always has an agenda or an ulterior motive. It loves beauty, money and wants to exchange energy. It always expects a return of goods or love for favours given.

When it enters Cancer, ruled by the Moon, it has to play according to the rules of the Moon, the planet of motherly, unconditional love which does not expect anything in return for love, we can deduct that Venus is not entirely comfortable during her transit this month (until the 28th when she moves on, into Leo).

A Venus/Moon combination can also play very romantic and unrealistic scenarios in our minds and will make us overly emotional. That said, this month is not a bad time for romance or even true love to blossom.

Venus moves through Cancer once a year. What makes it interesting this time around is the mutual aspects of Saturn and Mars who are both retrograde.

Saturn’s 7th aspect will certainly add a feeling of frustration with our partner (or wife/husband), who seems to be too busy with mundane matters, or we will feel that our partner is restricting us in some ways, particularly in the realm of emotions. There may be a lack of emotional support or connection.

The Mars aspect will normally make things passionate and sexy, but now with mars retrograde we may feel the lack of these qualities, resulting in anger and more frustration.

Anyway, the planet Venus rules women. So do not be surprised if the women in your life have a massive freak out or an emotional meltdown, particularly on the 13th and 14th of this month when the Moon joins Venus. The frustration is real. Just be supportive and know that it will pass. The women in your life have been patiently giving too much of themselves recently. Don’t start a huge argument, it will not be helpful.


Full Moon takes place on the 2nd of September in the Nakshatra of Shatabhisha.24 Shatabhisha (2)

It can give certain flashes of insight when we take the time to contemplate the mysteries of the Universe. It is great for meditation on “nothingness”. Also, these are superb stars for healing the Aquarian way. Vibrational medicine, shamanic healing rituals and the like will be helpful. Due to the deity Varuna who rules this Nakshatra and who is said to see all we do and think, searching our hearts for our own wrong-doings and then true repentance will help a great deal towards healing ourselves under this influence, as Varuna is said to accept our apologies.

In the sign of Aquarius this Full Moon will inspire a wonderful feeling of “power to the people”. This is a great energy for another demonstration or uprising, or any other group activity that is meant to bring about healing or change.

When we look in the sky at this full Moon, we are looking directly at “100 faint stars” behind it. Each of these “stars” are actually galaxies, not stars at all. So this gives us a pretty far out and cosmic Full Moon energy.


Rahu and Ketu are changing signs later this month, on the 23rd.

Personally I feel that Rahu always makes one last desperate attempt to fulfil its particular mission before a change of track (or sign) is forced upon it.

Rahu in Gemini has resulted in a most outrageous outpour of conflicting ideas on the internet. Communication on social media has likewise reached hysterical levels at this time, and this will reach its crescendo during September.

We may feel likewise compelled make some comments or take some actions as if our life or future depends on it. With Rahu this kind of stuff may later prove to be absolutely over the top or even entirely illusory. Keep it cool folks!

More on what’s to come in the next episode….


Ketu, the South node, also getting ready to change sign, is in an extra precarious position known as Gandhanta in Vedic astrology. 19 MoolaThis Gandhanta point is between Scorpio and Sagittarius, where water and fire signs meet. Ketu is always retrograde and moves now from Fire (Sagittarius) to Water (Scorpio). This transition results in an explosion of hot steam. Furthermore this area of the heavens aligns with the black hole at the centre of our Galaxy, the ultimate source of our Galactic existence and the ultimate truth. It also aligns with the Stars in the tail of Scorpio, where we can expect a poisonous sting.

Ketu in Sagittarius makes great fanatics, religious or otherwise, so we can expect some more surprising and explosive action from people or groups defending their particular believe system or point of view. Ketu deals with the past, with the subconscious and is not able to reason things through. It works mostly irrational and with sudden eruptions. Whatever happens (if anything), we won’t see it coming.                  When Ketu establishes itself in Scorpio next month it will have to start working on a whole new agenda.                                                                      By the end of this month Ketu, while still in explosive mode, may reveal some deep dark secrets or scandals, for us individually or for the world at large.


Another titbit of news from the sky:

On the first of September Asteroid 11 ES 4 will zipp by extremely close to the Earth, so learned astronomers tell us.

The September 2020 Astro story will be continued in part 2…..


Best Wishes,

Greetings from Ireland

~ Madhuri ~



Holy Cow and Good Vibrations

Astro update for the tail end of July 2020


We are having some fabulous astro weather right now.

The New Moon of last night was aligned with the Stars of Pushya. What a wonderful start of a Moon cycle! The nakshatra of Pushya, the nurturer, inspires us to selflessly care for and nourish each other in spiritual and emotional ways and also on the material level (food, goods etc). It is considered the emperor of nakshatras. The energy of these stars is honest, benign, wise, calm and prosperous.

The ancient symbol attached to Pushya is the Holy Cow, more specifically: her udders, that give the nourishment of milk.

Brihaspati, the Guru of the Gods, is the deity assigned to Pushya. We will find plenty of wisdom here.

Furthermore: Right now the planets are shining Good Vibrations upon us.

Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn is very happy.

Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius is very happy too.

Venus is in her own sign of Taurus is happy and shining brightly.

Mercury in Gemini is happy out.

Mars, the planet of passion and war is in Pisces, making it act like the spiritual warrior.


Besides: all the planets are visible in the night sky at the moment.


The Moon, in its own the sign of Cancer for the New Moon, is very content.

The Sun is in a friendly sign, Cancer, ruled by the Moon, making it more considerate and less authoritarian than usual.

Even Rahu and Ketu, the Nodes of the Moon, are in excellent positions.

Go and have a look at the night sky!

Also view the visitor to our solar system, the spectacular Comet Neowise.


Enjoy this wonderful moment in time.

Be Happy.

Best Wishes,

~ Madhuri ~


diwalicow (2)

July 2020 and the Lunar Eclipse

Overall July will be a much better Month than what we had to deal with recently.

Jupiter retrograded back into Sagittarius, its own sign. The planet of hope, blessings and growth can work in a better way than the last few months, when it was restricted by Saturn.

With Ketu still at the other end of Sagittarius, this is again a wonderful time for meditation, going deep, getting in touch with our Guru, or our inner wisdom. We better practice these things as there are other scenarios in the sky that can work out in an entirely different way.

We are still under the influence of the last Solar eclipse, and I must say, since the peak of that eclipse took place in the gentle Nakshatra (or star) of Mrigashira, things feel much lighter generally.

Venus in the beautiful star of Rohini has gone direct again. This also improves the general vibe greatly. 4 RohiniRohini Nakshatra deals with civilisation, stability, beauty, fertility and creativity. A great time for romance and growing crops and flowers. Venus in this placement inspires us to love and care for each other and the Earth.

The Full Moon on the 5th this month will be an eclipse. This Lunar eclipse will be at 5.44am (my local time in Ireland). It will take place in the sign of Sagittarius in the Nakshatra of Poorvashada, while the other player, the Sun, will be in Ardra.

This Full Moon also happens to be the Hindhu festival of Gurupurnima, when we honour and celebrate our spiritual teachers.

Poorvashada energy is the combination of Jupiter and Venus. 20 PoorvashadaBoth these planets are considered Gurus in Vedic astrology. Jupiter is the spiritual teacher, while Venus teaches about worldly desires. During the eclipse the placements of both these planets play an important role and luckily both are in a happy position, both in their own sign, although Jupiter is retrograde.

We should feel invigorated and full of enthusiasm for life with a healthy dose of optimism. And, of course, it being Gurupurnima we should feel those qualities in respect to our spiritual practice and belief system, so the advice is: to inject our sadhana with a sense of renewed inspiration and joy!

On the flip side, Poorvashada can be very fanatical when it comes to beliefs. It is also the nakshatra that makes “declarations of war”. It can be cruel and insensitive to others.

The planet Mars, squaring the Moon and the Sun, sitting in the “scorching or burning star” of Poorvabhadrapada, is certainly looking for a fight. 25 PoorvabhadrapadaThis can be used by Yogis to stoke the inner fire, but since the great majority of people are not living a dharmic life, this whole combo of celestial players is very likely to inspire people everywhere to start (or continue) rioting and fighting in anger to promote their fanatical cause, whatever the cause maybe.

We will see a lot more of that sort of thing exploding all over the place. Remember that the result of any eclipse will be felt for some time, not just on the day it happens.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 16th, giving a soft and caring quality on some level to the latter half of the month. But beware of authority figures becoming over protective of them self or you. (Maybe governments go on holidays in July?)

The New Moon (July 21st), setting the trend for a month ahead, falls in the most auspicious nakshatra of Pushya. 8 PushyaPushya give us the ability to nourish others in a spiritual way and at the same time on the material level. It is a benign, honest and calm star energy. Selfless giving is the theme. So again this is a great improvement on the troublesome times we have experienced recently.

The whole month Jupiter is in tight conjunction with Pluto, but I am not going to write about this again. Lets just say: the revolution continues. (see former articles)

Since Jyotish or Vedic Astrology is a science of enlightenment, I must presume that most people reading this report are involved, one way or another, in a spiritual practice. This month gives us all a great opportunity to be inspired anew on this level. Let’s concentrate on improving ourselves and call on Venus to help us improve the lives of others with love and care, and use the energy of the New Moon to give selflessly and create spiritual energy for others, while we quietly witness the wild riots and uprisings in the world around us.


Be Well,

Blessings and Greetings from Ireland,

 ~ Madhuri ~



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Bhole Baba ki Jai

Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse 2020 Astro Report

Eclipses happen frequently, but this time the Sun goes dark at Solstice, during the height of its power (in the Northern Hemisphere), which makes this an extraordinary powerful eclipse.

In astrology the Sun is the indicator of our individual power, our vitality and status. It also stands for governments and everyone in a high position of authority. These areas will be highlighted during the eclipse.

Traditionally any eclipse is seen as a bad omen.

I dare say that this June 21st Solar eclipse does not bode well for those in powerful positions. And this trend is going to continue for the rest of this year and beyond.

The Full eclipse is visible in Central Africa, the Middle East, parts of Asia, particularly North India and China. These regions will be more affected than others. Where there is trouble in these areas already, it is likely to explode.

So it will be for each individual. How much we will be affected personally will depend on our birth chart and planetary dasas.

During this eclipse Mars is Square to the Sun/Moon which will bring out the most unpleasant Mars indications, like anger, violence, war and a fighting spirit.

Mars is also placed in its debilitation in the navamsh chart during the eclipse, again an indication that it will be acting in a very troublesome or inappropriate way.

Placed in the nakshatra of Poorvabhadrapada, know as the Scorching or Burning star, Mars is most likely to act in an overly passionate and violent way. It also indicates deceit, greed and transformation. Expect more of the burning and looting, while the fighting has an idealistic and visionary undertone.

(watch those regions mentioned above). Other countries in the world will also be affected, for this we will have to see the chart of each country.

Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, who are responsible for all the recent trouble of virus and lockdown etc, are in an inharmonious aspect to the eclipse. Expect disasters and the unexpected! Dark secrets may be revealed that are likely to anger people even more.

A lot of the Mars energy will work out through Jupiter this time. Jupiter, normally the planet that will save the day with optimism, wisdom, growth and blessings, is in a debilitated position, oppressed by Saturn and at the same time we are dealing with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. Oh, and they are all retrograde. This eclipse will further the take-down of all Jupiter indications such as the economy, the judicial system, religious and higher educational institutions. Anything to do with rules and regulations.

Retrograde Mercury is caught up in the eclipse. It will have a lot to say, publish and communicate. News will be wild and busy.

So far I have only looked at the general set up in the sky, now let’s look at the major players in this eclipse, our luminaries: the Sun and Moon.

The Full eclipse will be on 21st June at 7.40am, my local time in Ireland. From what I can gather from astronomy websites, this eclipse will have a duration of nearly six hours from beginning to end. During that time the Moon will move from Mrigashira to Ardra nakshatra.

The Sun will follow into Ardra just a few hours after. All will take place in the (sidereal) sign of Gemini.

Mrigashira, known as the Star of Searching, has soft, mild and tender energy. It can be nervous and inconsistent. n5 Mrigashira

This eclipse will give us an opportunity to start searching for different ways. Since the world is in such upheaval and everything is uncertain at the moment, we will now feel we cannot rely on the status quo anymore, on the way things used to be for as long as we have known. We are forced to explore other, entirely new possibilities for just about everything. The ruling deity of Mrigashira is the God Soma. Soma is the fabled elixir of life, the drink of the Gods, which bestows vibrant health and an utmost feeling of wellbeing and enlightenment. This is what the stars of Mrigashira will encourage us to search for.

The Shakti, or super power, of Mrigashira is the “Power to give Fulfilment”. What does that even mean? Although ultimate fulfilment is a spiritual concept, a search for Moksha, lets keep it simple and on the mundane plane. This eclipse will make us start questioning where we are lacking this sense of purpose and happiness. We will be looking for a sense of meaning in our lives. What aspects of our lives are thwarting our feeling of fulfilment now? It could be our relationships, our jobs, our home, our rules and regulations, believe systems. All areas of life need to be scrutinised. The search for a better way is on. Mrigashira is ruled by the planet Mars, so the placement of this planet will play a crucial role in this eclipse. (see above)

Ardra nakshatra, the Star of Sorrow, comes into play next, as the Moon will move during the eclipse. 6 ArdraThe revolutionary energy of Ardra will give us the energy to actively make the effort to transform all that stands in the way of this sense of fulfilment. Ardra is dreadful, and sharp. It is not afraid of total destruction of the old to make way for something new, but it will be wild and chaotic. The focus is on destruction more than on what comes next. This eclipse will further the revolution we are seeing taking place all over the world. It will not be pretty. We will weep many tears and feel much sorrow during the dreadful events that are unfolding before our eyes, but we know that all these events are happening for a purpose and we are willing and courageous enough to make our own efforts where we can during this revolution.

Rudra, the Wild Storm God or the Destructive Aspect of Shiva, indicates that natural disasters are very possible under the Ardra influence too. Luckily this is greatly mitigated due to the Mrigashira influence. Still, a natural disaster scenario on top of everything else can not be ruled out in the next 6 months.

The Planet Venus will be in the 12th house from the eclipse, and retrograde, thus she will be fairly useless in giving us a sense of love, comfort and pleasure. Cash may be in short supply, or expenses may outstrip income. Many of us are going to feel the pinch due to loss of jobs and wages. The best way to get a bit of Venus comfort in the next two months or so is to withdraw. Better still: Stay in bed. (seriously)

Of course the advice of the Vedic Seers is always to disengage while an eclipse is in progress.

The effects of the Solstice Solar eclipse will be felt for six months at least. On the 14th of December we will have the next Solar eclipse in the same area of the sky where the last Lunar eclipse took place. This last Lunar eclipse (5th of June) heralded the beginning of the violent protests. The coming December eclipse will be a step up on the theme of “take back our power”, or whatever it is that people are burning and looting for.


Be Courageous and Stay Safe.

Best Wishes,

Greetings from Ireland,

 ~ Madhuri ~