!!Full Moon Activation!!

Full Moon, March 28th.

~ Astro Report ~

The chart for the coming full moon is quite beyond belief. It is of importance to be aware of our intentions.

I said in my Monthly report that this may very well be a Full Moon to remember.

First of all the Moon will be in the Moon ruled Nakshatra of Hasta, “the Golden Handed Star”. We can see it in the sky as the Corvi or the Crow Constellation. It gives “the Power to Manifest and Place it in One’s Hand”. The symbol of the hand that is associated with this Nakshatra can be an open hand, symbol of friendship and receiving, or it may be a fist to punch someone with. Generally, Hasta gives good skills with the hands. In Virgo it gives good attention to detail, it likes to arrange things, it is punctual, cooperative and busy. From stealing to magic tricks to craftmanship and healing with the hands, it has a large range of possibilities.

The Deity of these stars is Savitar, the deity of the rising Sun, and the well known Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to it. So far, so good.

Now, on the day of this Full Moon, the other two Moon ruled Nakshatras are also activated. Shravana is occupied by Saturn, the planet responsible for all the restrictions we have been experiencing in the last year or so. Shravana indicates listening, learning and traveling. Its super power is “the Power to Connect to Others”. So maybe Saturn, the restrictor, has to listen to the Moon (the people) who do want an end to lockdown and other measures that prevent us to “connect”.

The other Moon Nakshatra, Rohini, is absolutely exploding with power as Rahu and Mars have reached their full conjunction this day. A Mars/Rahu combo is a warrior spirit gone out of control. The warrior wants it Now! Rohini has the “Power to Grow”, particularly on the level of fertility, creation and materialism. It is also very seductive and full of beauty and charisma. This could take the form of a demand to open up the economy, give us our jobs back and also the drive to get some land to Grow food. Cultural events also fall under the domain of this Nakshatra, so again we may see demand for open concerts, theater, lectures and the like.

Meanwhile, Venus, the depositor of Rahu/Mars is in its sign of exaltation (Pisces) exactly conjunct the Sun. Thus, this exalted Venus, representing Universal Love is involved to the max. While on any other day (generally in the last while and for some time into the future) exalted Venus has no strength this time because it is being overpowered by the Sun (invisible), on the day of this Full Moon due to their exact conjunction, the Sun is forced to magnify and shine the qualities of Venus upon us, and directly upon the Moon too. Cosmic Love and all that sort of thing is highlighted. But only for one day or so. Thus meeting your ideal lover at the full moon party may turn out to be a bit of a disappointment a day or a week later. Also with Rahu/Mars activated during a full moon in the super seductive Rohini stars, some of us will see sexual passion gone out of control. (Rahu = out of control. Mars = passion) And remember: Rohini rules fertility! Nevertheless, this “all you need is love” vibe coming from Venus and the Sun is a fantastic energy to add to the Power of this Full Moon. The trine activated by these Moon Nakshatras falls in Earth signs, so we will see the effect in the material world. Fabulous for manifestation, please join in to manifest a wonderful world. Those of us in Ireland will have an added bonus: the exact time of the Full Moon will be when the Moon rises, while the Sun sets. I highly advise everyone to behold this spectacle. Climb a hill for a good view (weather permitting). But in any case, Sunday the 28th at Sunset make sure to tune in and set your intentions for what you want to materialise. This is a once in a lifetime event, to have the Moon so incredibly activated in the star of activation and all other Moon ruled Nakshatras occupied too. Apart from setting the intention it is also great to start something new at this particular time. (People in other areas will have to look up the time of the Full Moon for their own place to make the most of it). One little warning: Mercury, the dispositor of the Moon is not in a good position. Sixth house (health/disease/arguments) from the Moon in a two faced Nakshatra, thus we cannot trust communication, the press etc. It will be saying one thing while meaning another. And be aware, all planetary “nasties” are involved…. Emotions  and instinct will be charged to the utmost limit. Please mind yourself. It is very important to keep a positive outlook on this day, as the power to manifest is fully activated by this Full Moon. With Saturn, Mars and Rahu involved, negativity may be the default setting for the psyche. The Sun, Moon and Venus will hopefully sort them out and teach them a lesson. It remains to be seen how this activation will unfold.

Set your intentions to receive what you want..

May All Your Wishes Come True!

Greetings from Ireland,

~ Madhuri ~

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