The Nakshatra Cards come with a book “Science of Light, Wisdom from the Stars”. It gives some information and advice on each Nakshatra. I will publish a series of sort samples from the book, starting today with Punarvasu.

The South node of the Moon, Ketu, belongs to this Nakshatra.
Punarvasu has the planet Jupiter assigned to it. It lies partly in
the sign of Gemini and partly in Cancer.7-punarvasu-2-1

For the Gemini part we look at a Jupiter/Mercury combination: optimism, curiousity and
communication could be keywords here. For the Cancer part of
Punarvasu we see a Jupiter/Moon combo, again, well placed planets
can give us great optimism, happy, generous emotions and natural
wisdom here. After the tribulations of Ardra Nakshatra, we happily
start anew in Punarvasu, the Star of Renewal.
The Deity residing in Punarvasu is none other than the Great
Goddess of the whole Creation, the Mother of the Universe, Aditi.
The Mother of the Gods who even created Her own father. She who
gives birth again and again. She personifies undivided, unlimited
space and consciousness. She is One, her forms are Many. She resides in all, all resides in Her.
The Symbols for this Nakshatra are:

1. A bow and a quiver full of arrows. The arrows, once aimed and shot, always magically return to the quiver, so here we can aim again and again.

2. A house. Punarvasu gives the protection and safety, like being in a nice home. People with
prominent Punarvasu traits are home-bodies, sometimes needing to
make more effort to get out and travel.

3. Two chariots (2 cars on the card), often life lessons happen in pairs or twice for Punarvasu people,
particularly in Gemini.

May 2021 Astro Report

Happy Bealtaine and Welcome to the Sweet month of May.


Last month a lot of planetary bodies shifted for the better, giving us some space to breathe more freely. Unfortunately I was tempted by an online request to take a look at the very recent Sun/Uranus conjunction. (still in operation). I wish I hadn’t investigated. Vedic astrology mostly disregards these outer planets. Uranus is in the Nakshatra of Bharani, which has to do with the female reproductive system and in general what women have to bear. Be it loads or babies or or anything more abstract. I won’t go into the nitty gritty of planetary positions that have to do with this conjunction, but all indications and investigations confirm the recent news that women are experiencing miscarriages, crazy bleeding and all sorts of horrors to do with the womb. These widespread occurrences are blamed on the covid vaccine according to the many reports we can find when we look for them. I am quite sad to report that Uranus will be in this position for the next two years or more, although the other planets will move along and slightly change the issue over time. I have been upset ever since I looked at this.

And now for some better news! Let’s look at our beautiful Venus. Early this month she will move into her own sign of Taurus (on the 4th of May) where she is very happy and comfortable. Mercury is already there giving Venus a chance to communicate, meet with friends and have some fun interactions. By the second week (May 12th), she will meet Rahu in the Nakshatra of Rohini.4 Rohini Over the top flirtations and spending money on beautiful stuff is on the cards. One must think some shops will open after lockdown to facilitate these inclinations. Venus will go wild on seduction, being tempted by all sorts of things, be it goods, entertainment, travel or romance. It is also a good position for gardening, that’s the one I’ll stick to personally. The Moon will meet them all (Rahu, Venus, Mercury) on the 12th too, so this will be an absolutely “feel good” day. Take note and do something wonderful, whatever you fancy! But in any case, between the 4th and 29th Venus will help us enjoy life.

The Sun (authority) will join the party in Taurus on the 14th. At first, in the Nakshatra of Krittika, full of criticism, but that will mellow out when it enters the stars of Rohini later in the month. The Sun is of course also our shining self or our ego, so we may expect people to show themselves in all their glory during this party in the second half of May. Strut your stuff, so to speak.

Until the 15th Mars will be in the difficult Nakshatra of Ardra, the Star of Sorrow, in the sign of Gemini.6 Ardra It will express through Mercury, who is fully involved in the party with Venus and all. Thus we will see expressions and communications of hardship thrown into the mix. Our energy and actions (Mars) will be full of effort (Ardra) to break down the old paradigm to find a new start. Mars will move to Purnavasu Nakshatra mid month which gives a feeling of new beginnings. We might have to attempt this new thing twice, whatever it may mean for us individually, as such is the energy of Purnavasu. But it will certainly give us relief, particularly where our actions and efforts are involved. A new start in this department.

By the end of the month both Saturn and Mercury are going retrograde. I won’t go on about Mercury, but for Saturn it means it is stationary the latter half of May and thus extra intense. Saturn, of course, being the culprit in the lockdown and restrictions, will have to go over the results of all these actions and review the consequences during the long retrograde that follows (until mid October). We will see what this bring to the world.

Finally…. let’s have a look at the Big One for this month:17 Anuradha A Total Lunar Eclipse on the 26th in the sign of Scorpio (remember, Vedic astrology deals with the correct astronomical positions) in the nakshatra of Anuradha.

In Scorpio the Moon, our instinct, psyche, unconditional love, is debilitated, prone to fears, digging deep into the unseen of the subconscious. Scandals and secrets will come to light and many things we rather not encounter. If you have planets in your (Vedic) birth chart in this area, you will feel this one, and it may be shocking or life altering. Anuradha is fortunately a soft and tender Nakshatra, but of course that also means we may get shocked by revelations where it hurts the most. Anuradha deals with Love and Devotion, Intuition and Friendship. Where we put our devotion may come to be tested. It may be friends or partners, or God, or some cause we adhered to that may, due to sudden revelations, force us to go on a different course. Because it is the Moon that gets eclipsed, these will be inner realisations. On the world stage it will not be just scandals involving politicians or movie stars, even though that might be the case, it is the inner, shocking revelations that count and will force us to change. Moon also indicates “the people” in general, you know: the 99%. So perhaps some secret will be revealed that will shock the people to change their mind about something or another. If we look at the depositors of the Moon, ie: Mars (by sign) and Saturn by (nakshatra), we find that luckily Mars is in Purnavasu and will give us the energy to either optimistically start something new, or have a second chance to rebuilt after the realisation. Saturn in Shravana indicates that it is most likely the revelations reach us through “hearing it through the grapevine”, and there is a possibility to talk things over afterwards if we are so inclined. The Moon/Ketu conjunction is usually, even without an eclipse, an indication of “loosing ones mind”, so be prepared for a major wobble if you are effected due to your individual planetary positions. Anuradha give us the power to worship. We can’t go wrong with singing devotional Kirtan or adhering to our Sadhana, so to prepare for this eclipse these are the actions to be involved in to keep us steady and safe.

The Total Lunar Eclipse will take place on May 26th at 11.19 GMT. The effect may be felt some days before and for several months after.

May you all be well and happy!

Best Wishes from Ireland.

~ Madhuri ~


!!Full Moon Activation!!

Full Moon, March 28th.

~ Astro Report ~

The chart for the coming full moon is quite beyond belief. It is of importance to be aware of our intentions.

I said in my Monthly report that this may very well be a Full Moon to remember.

First of all the Moon will be in the Moon ruled Nakshatra of Hasta, “the Golden Handed Star”. We can see it in the sky as the Corvi or the Crow Constellation. It gives “the Power to Manifest and Place it in One’s Hand”. The symbol of the hand that is associated with this Nakshatra can be an open hand, symbol of friendship and receiving, or it may be a fist to punch someone with. Generally, Hasta gives good skills with the hands. In Virgo it gives good attention to detail, it likes to arrange things, it is punctual, cooperative and busy. From stealing to magic tricks to craftmanship and healing with the hands, it has a large range of possibilities.

The Deity of these stars is Savitar, the deity of the rising Sun, and the well known Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to it. So far, so good.

Now, on the day of this Full Moon, the other two Moon ruled Nakshatras are also activated. Shravana is occupied by Saturn, the planet responsible for all the restrictions we have been experiencing in the last year or so. Shravana indicates listening, learning and traveling. Its super power is “the Power to Connect to Others”. So maybe Saturn, the restrictor, has to listen to the Moon (the people) who do want an end to lockdown and other measures that prevent us to “connect”.

The other Moon Nakshatra, Rohini, is absolutely exploding with power as Rahu and Mars have reached their full conjunction this day. A Mars/Rahu combo is a warrior spirit gone out of control. The warrior wants it Now! Rohini has the “Power to Grow”, particularly on the level of fertility, creation and materialism. It is also very seductive and full of beauty and charisma. This could take the form of a demand to open up the economy, give us our jobs back and also the drive to get some land to Grow food. Cultural events also fall under the domain of this Nakshatra, so again we may see demand for open concerts, theater, lectures and the like.

Meanwhile, Venus, the depositor of Rahu/Mars is in its sign of exaltation (Pisces) exactly conjunct the Sun. Thus, this exalted Venus, representing Universal Love is involved to the max. While on any other day (generally in the last while and for some time into the future) exalted Venus has no strength this time because it is being overpowered by the Sun (invisible), on the day of this Full Moon due to their exact conjunction, the Sun is forced to magnify and shine the qualities of Venus upon us, and directly upon the Moon too. Cosmic Love and all that sort of thing is highlighted. But only for one day or so. Thus meeting your ideal lover at the full moon party may turn out to be a bit of a disappointment a day or a week later. Also with Rahu/Mars activated during a full moon in the super seductive Rohini stars, some of us will see sexual passion gone out of control. (Rahu = out of control. Mars = passion) And remember: Rohini rules fertility! Nevertheless, this “all you need is love” vibe coming from Venus and the Sun is a fantastic energy to add to the Power of this Full Moon. The trine activated by these Moon Nakshatras falls in Earth signs, so we will see the effect in the material world. Fabulous for manifestation, please join in to manifest a wonderful world. Those of us in Ireland will have an added bonus: the exact time of the Full Moon will be when the Moon rises, while the Sun sets. I highly advise everyone to behold this spectacle. Climb a hill for a good view (weather permitting). But in any case, Sunday the 28th at Sunset make sure to tune in and set your intentions for what you want to materialise. This is a once in a lifetime event, to have the Moon so incredibly activated in the star of activation and all other Moon ruled Nakshatras occupied too. Apart from setting the intention it is also great to start something new at this particular time. (People in other areas will have to look up the time of the Full Moon for their own place to make the most of it). One little warning: Mercury, the dispositor of the Moon is not in a good position. Sixth house (health/disease/arguments) from the Moon in a two faced Nakshatra, thus we cannot trust communication, the press etc. It will be saying one thing while meaning another. And be aware, all planetary “nasties” are involved…. Emotions  and instinct will be charged to the utmost limit. Please mind yourself. It is very important to keep a positive outlook on this day, as the power to manifest is fully activated by this Full Moon. With Saturn, Mars and Rahu involved, negativity may be the default setting for the psyche. The Sun, Moon and Venus will hopefully sort them out and teach them a lesson. It remains to be seen how this activation will unfold.

Set your intentions to receive what you want..

May All Your Wishes Come True!

Greetings from Ireland,

~ Madhuri ~

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March 2021 Astro Report

The Rahu/Mars conjunction

After many months we are still dealing with the influence of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn, hence the restrictions that have been imposed on us are still in operation.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are now placed in the Nakshatra of Shravana, the Star of Learning. They have been in this placement for most of last month too, so the qualities of Shravana such as: the power to connect to others, traveling to attend lectures, and listening to knowledge in general are under restrictive aspect of Saturn. Thus, we have seen a step up in fact checkers and censorship, particularly on the internet.

22 Shravana

By the 5th of March (very soon) Jupiter moves to the next Nakshatra of Dhanishta which deals with music and dance, fame and abundance. Jupiter will do it’s best to promote these qualities, but is still heavily restricted by Saturn. It is not until the 7th of April, when Jupiter leaves Capricorn, that we may see a little more freedom in these matters. Dhanishta is a Mars ruled Nakshatra, it will activate the planet Mars. So now we look at the rather dodgy transit of this fiery planet for this month.

23 Dhanishta

Mars is approaching Rahu, the North node of the Moon. According to Vedic Astrology these two are in conjunction all of this month, but this conjunction will be exact around the 27th/28th of March, in the sign of Taurus, while aspected by Jupiter, the planet that likes to make things Big! Of course the Mars/Rahu conjunction is already a big deal in itself. Fiery, explosive, angry and unpredictable. Any issues that have been building up for the last year or so are now finding an outlet. It is said that a Rahu/Mars conjunction destroys the house it is placed in. Taurus deals with security, possessions and comfort (and money). Unfortunately, we may see upheaval in this area of life. For each individual we must check what Taurus represents in our chart. To fine tune this influence we look at the Nakshatra of Rohini, where this conjunction takes place, which denotes materialism, civilization, fertility (of the land), seduction and desire. Okay, what predictions can we make with this transit? First of all: those of us are liable to seduction have to be aware of this impulsive and desire driven conjunction. We may act in haste in response to the illusions of Maya. On the world stage we may see sudden changes in the monetary system and perhaps in agriculture or land use. It is well worth to examine our material security and make plans, take steps, to protect ourselves and our families.

4 Rohini

Venus, the ruler of Taurus is traveling through Pisces, the sign of its exaltation, at the time of this conjunction, so perhaps the changes that may come about will be with universal love, or in this case, universal distribution of wealth in mind. However, Venus is combust by the Sun, the graha of authority, bosses and governments, so any change is likely to be driven by the powers that be. In any case, hold on to your own perception and ideals of universal love and abundance. With Venus and the Sun in the Nakshatra of Uttarabhadrapada, we can delve into our “Peaceful Warrior” mode, we can feel true empathy and make personal sacrifices that benefit the whole.

26 Uttarabhadrapada

The New Moon takes place on the 13th in the sign of Aquarius in the Nakshatra of Poorvabhadrapada (the burning or scorching star). This sets the scene for a desire for transformation in a rather violent, passionate, idealistic and visionary way. It is a “two faced” Nakshatra, so all may not be as it seems, there is room for deceit and greed behind the scenes.

By the end of the month, on the 28th the Full Moon in Hasta Nakshatra (in Virgo) takes place during the fiery Rahu/Mars conjunction. This will give an extra oomph to whatever Rahu/Mars will bring about, in the sense that we will feel it emotionally and act instinctively upon the situation. Hasta give the power of manifestation. Its symbol is a hand, either with open palm to receive gifts and manifestations, or a closed fist to punch an opponent with. Hasta give skills with the hands, from detailed craftwork to massage and healing skills. Co-operation is an other keyword for Hasta Nakshatra. As Rohini, where the Mars/Rahu meeting takes place is ruled by the Moon, I think this Full Moon will be exceedingly powerful and perhaps life changing. We may see the people coming together (co-operating) to “grab” what they want. I will not be surprised to see some (organised) looting going on. The rising Sun and Gayatri Mantra are associated with Hasta. As a personal remedy to the chaos it is recommended recite the Gayatri Mantra at Sunrise, particularly on the full Moon day, together with a prayer for whatever you need, as Hasta has the power to manifest what you want.

13 Hasta

Don’t forget to laugh a lot. Hasta is a comedian and a joker.

March may prove to be a month to remember!
Best Wishes and Greetings from Ireland.
~ Madhuri ~


January 2021 Astro Report


Download-Happy-New-Year-2021-Images-photos-wallpapers-4Of course the 1st of January as the beginning of a new year has no correlation to any cosmic calendar, but just because we are dealing with cultural customs I have taken a look at the chart for the beginning of the year. The good news is that the Moon, the heavenly body responsible for how we feel and instinctively react, is in the beautiful Nakshatra of Pushya at midnight at the year’s changeover. It is also directly opposite Saturn and Jupiter. Taken as an omen for the New Year, we could say that we feel rather oppressed by the Saturn opposition, but if we use this beautiful position of the Moon we can truly nourish and look after each other in every way, even though we may feel frustrated. This will make us happy and content. It will serve us well to stay in touch with our intuition and instincts this year. Pushya is a spiritual Nakshatra, ruled by the Guru of the Gods, so spiritual counselling and practice is also favoured.

To look at the heavenly happenings for January, we must recap, as the former conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and the Solar Eclipse of December are still affecting us. Thus the restrictions and squashing of our hopes and the mighty fight for supremacy by world leaders is ongoing. The remedy for this could be the return of the teachings of our elders and of course looking after our own inner authority is a must now.

We begin the month with a Venus/Ketu conjunction in the sign of Scorpio (31st Dec). This may make us feel the separation from our loved ones acutely, particularly on last new year’s eve. We may riminess over fun and love we experienced in the past, and as Venus is also our money, we may wonder why we don’t have so much of it right now, or we might not want to spend any. Magic can happen with Ketu though. We may get in touch with loved ones from the past or from past lives, or have an unexpected financial windfall, due to karmic influences.XC560-902321751

Venus will travel through the Gandantha point and the Eclipse point, all in the first week of this month. Don’t be surprised if you have a bit of a wobble or a little freak-out particularly if you are a woman. After the 7th Venus is well established in Sagittarius and all will calm down on this front, although the feeling of wanting to escape from lock-down restrictions will remain.

But we are not quite out of the woods, during the last week of this month Venus will pass by Pluto, this may cause a blow up in Venus related matters such as relationships.



At the New Moon on the 13th, always a beginning of a monthly cycle, we find the Sun (authorities) and Moon (mental health) with Saturn (the restictions), Jupiter (children and teachers, financial and judicial system) and Mercury (publications , press) all close together. We can expect a hectic time with many talks and meeting to do with the Covid measures, perhaps again new regulations will be negotiated, with all the above in mind.

Meanwhile a conjunction of Mars and Uranus is building up, on the 20th triggered by the Moon, who joins them then.Mars Uh oh, expect the unexpected! Mars is extra strong in its own sign of Aries. Perhaps some mega explosion of anger and protests is on the cards, or some movement of police and army personnel or unexpected trouble involving these people. Whatever it is , it won’t be pretty, as Mars, the planet of anger, action and war has been frustrated for quite a while now and is about to blow its top. Please mind yourself in the days around the 20th of January, don’t be the one that flips it’s lid and stay out of danger zones. This takes place in the Nakshatra of Ashwini, the Star of Transport, so traffic accidents may not be ruled out either. 

The Full Moon on the 28th is in the Stars of Pushya,8 Pushya just as the Moon was at the beginning of the New Year. So again, there is the indication that whatever happens we will have the ability to look after each other in the best possible way by the end of the month. Celebrate these qualities on the Full Moon.

Pushya teaches us to consider how we can be of benefit to others, how we can give , provide comfort, how we can spiritually uplift those we come in contact with. How to be patient, soft hearted and wise. If we enhance these Pushya qualities in ourselves the world will certainly become a better place, and that’s what we are establishing through the chaos of coming years:       … A Better Society for All…




Happy New Year to You
Best Wishes from Ireland

~ Madhuri ~