Today the Moon travels through the Stars of Anuradha

Below a small excerpt from the book “Science of Light, Wisdom from the stars”.

The Star of Success.
Anuradha is associated with the planet Saturn and lies entirely
in Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars. The energy is comparable to a
Saturn/Mars conjunction, where the wisdom and patience of Saturn
tempers the passion of Mars. It leads to success here as Anuradha
follows, and forms a pair with, Vishaka Nakshatra where ambition
and focus is applied.17 Anuradha (2)
The Deity is Mitra, His name translates as “Friend”. The God of
Friendship, Love and Affection. The God of Bhakti, devotion. He
who is generous, gracious and kind and upholds the sacred law. Love
gives heaven on Earth. Long lasting loving friendships we see here.
The Symbols for Anuradha are: a triumphal arch decorated with leaves,
a staff, and a lotus flower. The archway represents victory. As part of
a wedding ceremony (affection, love and union) the couple passes
through such a decorated arch. The Lotus flower denotes the inherent
beauty, purity, and auspiciousness of the sentiments found in this
Nakshatra. The staff represents the wisdom and penance of the sage.


The Clinging Star


Today the Moon is travelling through the stars of Ashlesha

Here is a small excerpt from the book “Science of Light, wisdom from the Stars” that comes with the 27 Nakshatra Cards

Ashlesha is associated with the planet Mercury and lies entirely in
the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The energy here
is comparable with a Mercury/ Moon conjunction. Mercury, ever
thinking, combining, writing scenarios may somewhat override the
Moon’s power to care unconditionally and may make the energy of9 Ashlesha (2)
this Nakshatra a bit over-controlling of loved ones at times. Mercury always wants the last word. Hanging on too tight perhaps, hence the name: The Clinging Star.
The Deities here are the Nagas. A race of Half Human–Half Snake
Beings. Although the Nagas belong in the lowest of the nether realms, they are the rulers of all the underworlds. Contrary to what
we may think, their realm is magnificent, full of shining palaces,
encrusted with sparkling jewels. Like the Dragons of old guarding
immense treasures, the Nagas may be seen as possessing untold riches.
They freely live and may be encountered in all the realms: Heavens, Earth, and Underworlds.
The Symbols for Ashlesha are Two Entwining Snakes, a very sensual picture, and a Three Times Coiled Snake, like the sleeping Kundalini force. We can picture the DNA spiral too, and genetic manipulation.
It is important to note that people with a prominent Ashlesha energy are usually not aware of their immense power, (the power to inflict poison) they can hurt others more than they realize.


The Nakshatra Cards come with a book “Science of Light, Wisdom from the Stars”. It gives some information and advice on each Nakshatra. I will publish a series of sort samples from the book, starting today with Punarvasu.
Punarvasu has the planet Jupiter assigned to it. It lies partly in
the sign of Gemini and partly in Cancer.7-punarvasu-2-1

For the Gemini part we look at a Jupiter/Mercury combination: optimism, curiousity and
communication could be keywords here. For the Cancer part of
Punarvasu we see a Jupiter/Moon combo, again, well placed planets
can give us great optimism, happy, generous emotions and natural
wisdom here. After the tribulations of Ardra Nakshatra, we happily
start anew in Punarvasu, the Star of Renewal.
The Deity residing in Punarvasu is none other than the Great
Goddess of the whole Creation, the Mother of the Universe, Aditi.
The Mother of the Gods who even created Her own father. She who
gives birth again and again. She personifies undivided, unlimited
space and consciousness. She is One, her forms are Many. She resides in all, all resides in Her.
The Symbols for this Nakshatra are:

1. A bow and a quiver full of arrows. The arrows, once aimed and shot, always magically return to the quiver, so here we can aim again and again.

2. A house. Punarvasu gives the protection and safety, like being in a nice home. People with
prominent Punarvasu traits are home-bodies, sometimes needing to
make more effort to get out and travel.

3. Two chariots (2 cars on the card), often life lessons happen in pairs or twice for Punarvasu people,
particularly in Gemini.

May 2021 Astro Report

Happy Bealtaine and Welcome to the Sweet month of May.


Last month a lot of planetary bodies shifted for the better, giving us some space to breathe more freely. Unfortunately I was tempted by an online request to take a look at the very recent Sun/Uranus conjunction. (still in operation). I wish I hadn’t investigated. Vedic astrology mostly disregards these outer planets. Uranus is in the Nakshatra of Bharani, which has to do with the female reproductive system and in general what women have to bear. Be it loads or babies or or anything more abstract. I won’t go into the nitty gritty of planetary positions that have to do with this conjunction, but all indications and investigations confirm the recent news that women are experiencing miscarriages, crazy bleeding and all sorts of horrors to do with the womb. These widespread occurrences are blamed on the covid vaccine according to the many reports we can find when we look for them. I am quite sad to report that Uranus will be in this position for the next two years or more, although the other planets will move along and slightly change the issue over time. I have been upset ever since I looked at this.

And now for some better news! Let’s look at our beautiful Venus. Early this month she will move into her own sign of Taurus (on the 4th of May) where she is very happy and comfortable. Mercury is already there giving Venus a chance to communicate, meet with friends and have some fun interactions. By the second week (May 12th), she will meet Rahu in the Nakshatra of Rohini.4 Rohini Over the top flirtations and spending money on beautiful stuff is on the cards. One must think some shops will open after lockdown to facilitate these inclinations. Venus will go wild on seduction, being tempted by all sorts of things, be it goods, entertainment, travel or romance. It is also a good position for gardening, that’s the one I’ll stick to personally. The Moon will meet them all (Rahu, Venus, Mercury) on the 12th too, so this will be an absolutely “feel good” day. Take note and do something wonderful, whatever you fancy! But in any case, between the 4th and 29th Venus will help us enjoy life.

The Sun (authority) will join the party in Taurus on the 14th. At first, in the Nakshatra of Krittika, full of criticism, but that will mellow out when it enters the stars of Rohini later in the month. The Sun is of course also our shining self or our ego, so we may expect people to show themselves in all their glory during this party in the second half of May. Strut your stuff, so to speak.

Until the 15th Mars will be in the difficult Nakshatra of Ardra, the Star of Sorrow, in the sign of Gemini.6 Ardra It will express through Mercury, who is fully involved in the party with Venus and all. Thus we will see expressions and communications of hardship thrown into the mix. Our energy and actions (Mars) will be full of effort (Ardra) to break down the old paradigm to find a new start. Mars will move to Purnavasu Nakshatra mid month which gives a feeling of new beginnings. We might have to attempt this new thing twice, whatever it may mean for us individually, as such is the energy of Purnavasu. But it will certainly give us relief, particularly where our actions and efforts are involved. A new start in this department.

By the end of the month both Saturn and Mercury are going retrograde. I won’t go on about Mercury, but for Saturn it means it is stationary the latter half of May and thus extra intense. Saturn, of course, being the culprit in the lockdown and restrictions, will have to go over the results of all these actions and review the consequences during the long retrograde that follows (until mid October). We will see what this bring to the world.

Finally…. let’s have a look at the Big One for this month:17 Anuradha A Total Lunar Eclipse on the 26th in the sign of Scorpio (remember, Vedic astrology deals with the correct astronomical positions) in the nakshatra of Anuradha.

In Scorpio the Moon, our instinct, psyche, unconditional love, is debilitated, prone to fears, digging deep into the unseen of the subconscious. Scandals and secrets will come to light and many things we rather not encounter. If you have planets in your (Vedic) birth chart in this area, you will feel this one, and it may be shocking or life altering. Anuradha is fortunately a soft and tender Nakshatra, but of course that also means we may get shocked by revelations where it hurts the most. Anuradha deals with Love and Devotion, Intuition and Friendship. Where we put our devotion may come to be tested. It may be friends or partners, or God, or some cause we adhered to that may, due to sudden revelations, force us to go on a different course. Because it is the Moon that gets eclipsed, these will be inner realisations. On the world stage it will not be just scandals involving politicians or movie stars, even though that might be the case, it is the inner, shocking revelations that count and will force us to change. Moon also indicates “the people” in general, you know: the 99%. So perhaps some secret will be revealed that will shock the people to change their mind about something or another. If we look at the depositors of the Moon, ie: Mars (by sign) and Saturn by (nakshatra), we find that luckily Mars is in Purnavasu and will give us the energy to either optimistically start something new, or have a second chance to rebuilt after the realisation. Saturn in Shravana indicates that it is most likely the revelations reach us through “hearing it through the grapevine”, and there is a possibility to talk things over afterwards if we are so inclined. The Moon/Ketu conjunction is usually, even without an eclipse, an indication of “loosing ones mind”, so be prepared for a major wobble if you are effected due to your individual planetary positions. Anuradha give us the power to worship. We can’t go wrong with singing devotional Kirtan or adhering to our Sadhana, so to prepare for this eclipse these are the actions to be involved in to keep us steady and safe.

The Total Lunar Eclipse will take place on May 26th at 11.19 GMT. The effect may be felt some days before and for several months after.

May you all be well and happy!

Best Wishes from Ireland.

~ Madhuri ~