January 2021 Astro Report


Download-Happy-New-Year-2021-Images-photos-wallpapers-4Of course the 1st of January as the beginning of a new year has no correlation to any cosmic calendar, but just because we are dealing with cultural customs I have taken a look at the chart for the beginning of the year. The good news is that the Moon, the heavenly body responsible for how we feel and instinctively react, is in the beautiful Nakshatra of Pushya at midnight at the year’s changeover. It is also directly opposite Saturn and Jupiter. Taken as an omen for the New Year, we could say that we feel rather oppressed by the Saturn opposition, but if we use this beautiful position of the Moon we can truly nourish and look after each other in every way, even though we may feel frustrated. This will make us happy and content. It will serve us well to stay in touch with our intuition and instincts this year. Pushya is a spiritual Nakshatra, ruled by the Guru of the Gods, so spiritual counselling and practice is also favoured.

To look at the heavenly happenings for January, we must recap, as the former conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and the Solar Eclipse of December are still affecting us. Thus the restrictions and squashing of our hopes and the mighty fight for supremacy by world leaders is ongoing. The remedy for this could be the return of the teachings of our elders and of course looking after our own inner authority is a must now.

We begin the month with a Venus/Ketu conjunction in the sign of Scorpio (31st Dec). This may make us feel the separation from our loved ones acutely, particularly on last new year’s eve. We may riminess over fun and love we experienced in the past, and as Venus is also our money, we may wonder why we don’t have so much of it right now, or we might not want to spend any. Magic can happen with Ketu though. We may get in touch with loved ones from the past or from past lives, or have an unexpected financial windfall, due to karmic influences.XC560-902321751

Venus will travel through the Gandantha point and the Eclipse point, all in the first week of this month. Don’t be surprised if you have a bit of a wobble or a little freak-out particularly if you are a woman. After the 7th Venus is well established in Sagittarius and all will calm down on this front, although the feeling of wanting to escape from lock-down restrictions will remain.

But we are not quite out of the woods, during the last week of this month Venus will pass by Pluto, this may cause a blow up in Venus related matters such as relationships.



At the New Moon on the 13th, always a beginning of a monthly cycle, we find the Sun (authorities) and Moon (mental health) with Saturn (the restictions), Jupiter (children and teachers, financial and judicial system) and Mercury (publications , press) all close together. We can expect a hectic time with many talks and meeting to do with the Covid measures, perhaps again new regulations will be negotiated, with all the above in mind.

Meanwhile a conjunction of Mars and Uranus is building up, on the 20th triggered by the Moon, who joins them then.Mars Uh oh, expect the unexpected! Mars is extra strong in its own sign of Aries. Perhaps some mega explosion of anger and protests is on the cards, or some movement of police and army personnel or unexpected trouble involving these people. Whatever it is , it won’t be pretty, as Mars, the planet of anger, action and war has been frustrated for quite a while now and is about to blow its top. Please mind yourself in the days around the 20th of January, don’t be the one that flips it’s lid and stay out of danger zones. This takes place in the Nakshatra of Ashwini, the Star of Transport, so traffic accidents may not be ruled out either. 

The Full Moon on the 28th is in the Stars of Pushya,8 Pushya just as the Moon was at the beginning of the New Year. So again, there is the indication that whatever happens we will have the ability to look after each other in the best possible way by the end of the month. Celebrate these qualities on the Full Moon.

Pushya teaches us to consider how we can be of benefit to others, how we can give , provide comfort, how we can spiritually uplift those we come in contact with. How to be patient, soft hearted and wise. If we enhance these Pushya qualities in ourselves the world will certainly become a better place, and that’s what we are establishing through the chaos of coming years:       … A Better Society for All…




Happy New Year to You
Best Wishes from Ireland

~ Madhuri ~


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