The Great Conjunction of December 2020

The great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is happening in a few days, on the winter solstice. (Northern Hemisphere)


It has been extensively written and talked about by astrologers and astronomers for the last while now.

Some say this conjunction was the Star of Bethelehem, as if that is a good thing. Let’s hope it’s not. The events that took place around that time were not pretty. First of all: there was a terrible regime that made all citizens go to their place of origin for a census, no matter what. Then there was the battering down of doors to pull all male babies from their parents arms to brutally murder them. We do not hope to see similar events taking place now. Besides, there was no Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the year 0000.


Others proclaim: this solstice conjunction is the dawn of the age of Aquarius. We must remember that the greater cosmic cycles like the turning of the ages are not like flipping a switch. It is not as if one day we are in the age of Pisces and the next day in the age of Aquarius. These transitions happen slowly. We can already clearly see some of the qualities of the Aquarian age unfolding, where “the group”, represented by Aquarius, is more important than “the individual”, represented by the opposite sign Leo. Aren’t we all experiencing the loss of individual freedoms for the greater good of the entire population right now? Please don’t think for one minute that the Aquarian age is going to be all love, hugs and flowers as we were perhaps led to believe since the sixties or so.

But okay, what can we say about this upcoming great conjunction? By now we have all heard that the conjunction of these two giant planets is going to be a spectacle not seen in the heavens for 800 years or so. Even though this conjunction happens every 20 years, this time around Saturn and Jupiter will not only line up in longitude, but also by declination or latitude, thus making them shine in the sky as one single planet, and of course this occurring on the solstice adds to the significance too.

 I believe this conjunction heralds enormous changes in the world, and because of the 20 years cycle I believe these changes will take 20 years to complete. As Pluto is also a player in the game this time, and this planet takes 20 years to travel through a zodiac sign, we see the 20 year idea two times over in this regard.

In my investigations I looked at the great conjunction of the year 1961, because we know of the revolutionary changes that happened during that decade. Really, I was more than surprised to find that the great conjunction of 1961 also took place in the sign of Capricorn (sidereal zodiac) and even in the same Nakshatra, Uttarashada, as the conjunction of this December. I had to check it twice to make sure. (and I still find it hard to believe, please check it for yourself too)

To predict the exact nature of the upcoming changes is going to be impossible, we cannot know or even imagine. One of my favourite film clips that shows the societal changes in the sixties, is of scandalized middle aged men in suits, looking as if they are stuck in another era, dragging a young Jim Morrison of the Doors off stage, assisted by uniformed police. This little film illustrates that the new paradigm of the sixties was unimaginable before it exploded on the world stage. So it will be now with this Great Conjunction, the Great Reset, as many astrologer call it. We cannot predict or imagine in detail what changes it will bring.

Let’s dive into the Vedic Chart to see what we can make of it.

Astro snip great conjunction

Chart for the great conjunction, 21st December 2020

We have Saturn, the planet of karma (work), time, grief, discipline, delay, limitations, and service in a very strong position in Capricorn. Both Saturn and Capricorn like to maintain the status quo. Then we have Jupiter, who stands for fortune, wealth, hope, expansion, knowledge and optimism. Jupiter is usually not strong or working very well in Capricorn, its sign of debilitation. But in this case, (not going into technical details) according to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is Neech Bhang, meaning: the debilitation is cancelled. When planets are less than one degree apart they engage in planetary war. This is already in operation and will last till the end of this year. We can conclude that there is a fierce battle going on between the values of Jupiter, such as expansion, belief systems, faith and blessings, and the Saturnal qualities of deprivation, ascetism, hard work and poverty. In Capricorn, the natural 10th house in a chart, this battle will take place in the field of career or occupation, the structure of society.

The planet Saturn indicates: the workers, the poor, the servants, the Joe Soaps, the elderly and disadvantaged.

Jupiter is the indicator of children, teachers, stockbrokers, bankers, university professors, judges, heads of corporations and religious figures.

To predict what is going on here, we must look at the Nakshatra Uttarashada, where this conjunction takes place.21 Uttarashada The stars of Uttarashada give Unchallengeable Victory, or permanent success. The energy here can be likened to a new chapter that starts after a war has been won. With Uttarashada we have to consolidate the new territory and take responsibility for maintaining peace and use all the resources that are available wisely and justly. Uttarashada gives wisdom, truth, willpower and responsibility. The Sun is associated with this Nakshatra, this indicates: people in power, authority figures, the governments, the ruling elite, the big corporate bosses. We must throw these kind of people into the mix with the above mentioned, under Jupiter and Saturn. As the Sun is in the Nakshatra of Moola during the Great Conjunction, we may see these power mongers exposed for what they truthfully are, or destroyed and impoverished due to Moola’s Kali-like qualities. You can now see how just about everybody is involved in this planetary war: the rich, the old, the children, the poor, the workers, the bankers, the priests, the bosses, the governments, everybody. And the changes are taking place in the 10th house where society is organized and systems are put in place. So, I imagine, you are involved in this change too.

I am optimistic. Once Jupiter moves away from Saturn and leaves the planetary war zone in January, and for about four to five  months after that, we may see great changes for the better. At least there will be hope and optimism. Particularly in the Northern Hemisphere after winter solstice, when the light returns, is an auspicious time. Things will start to happen and they will happen fast (as Jupiter is moving fast). Sure it will be a roller coaster, not an easy time and very unpredictable. 

What to do?

We know upheaval and changes are coming, so we will have to be proactive and be ready to make our own changes.  A Jupiter and Saturn conjunction forces us to work hard for our ideals. It actually give us the stamina to build a structure for the future we imagine for ourselves. Now is not the time to be defeated or to be lazy, but feel inspired and take action. Jupiter, our highest inspiration, combined with Saturn, the planet of material reality, give us the opportunity to work towards realizing our dreams. Uttarashada gives us the wisdom and willpower to initiate new projects and also the stability to see these projects through to completion. Ten deities, the Vishwa Devas, are associated with this Nakshatra. We do well to embody all their qualities, to use their gifts and wisdom to help us realize our dreams and ambitions. Their gifts are as follows. *1. Awareness. *2. Truth. *3. Strategy. *4. Expertise. *5. Attention to detail. *6. Inspiration. *7. Patience. *8. Action. *9. Dealing with Failure *10. Rejoicing with Success. These are the 10 qualities that lead to Unchallengeable Victory as indicated by Uttarashada. Please remember we are dealing with the effect of the Great Conjunction immediately for about 4 or 5 months. At the same time for at least 6 months with the effects of the last Solar Eclipse, which I called “the Battle for Supreme Authority” (see December 2020 Astro Report). So you will have to combine these two energies. And, as said before, the whole process could take 20 years to complete.

It is also very good practice to strengthen Jupiter qualities now, especially on the day of the conjunction. It is good to buy something gold or a special coin, or even a new wallet (good for finance). For spiritual advancement, buy spiritual books, watch inspirational movies, visit your Guru, or start a mantra practice or any other sadhana. This will give result for all the 20 year cycle.

And, hey, the symbol for Uttarashada is an elephant’s tusk. So look after your teeth!

We are certainly living through wild times. Hope you are enjoying it.

Best Wishes from Ireland,

~ Madhuri ~

One thought on “The Great Conjunction of December 2020

  1. Susy Freelove

    That was a fantastic Report. Thank You so much. There is A lot to consider here. my teeth have been on my mind too. I was also born in 1961 with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn in the fourth house. I feel empowered and challenged all at once.


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