The Clinging Star


Today the Moon is travelling through the stars of Ashlesha

Here is a small excerpt from the book “Science of Light, wisdom from the Stars” that comes with the 27 Nakshatra Cards

Ashlesha is associated with the planet Mercury and lies entirely in
the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The energy here
is comparable with a Mercury/ Moon conjunction. Mercury, ever
thinking, combining, writing scenarios may somewhat override the
Moon’s power to care unconditionally and may make the energy of9 Ashlesha (2)
this Nakshatra a bit over-controlling of loved ones at times. Mercury always wants the last word. Hanging on too tight perhaps, hence the name: The Clinging Star.
The Deities here are the Nagas. A race of Half Human–Half Snake
Beings. Although the Nagas belong in the lowest of the nether realms, they are the rulers of all the underworlds. Contrary to what
we may think, their realm is magnificent, full of shining palaces,
encrusted with sparkling jewels. Like the Dragons of old guarding
immense treasures, the Nagas may be seen as possessing untold riches.
They freely live and may be encountered in all the realms: Heavens, Earth, and Underworlds.
The Symbols for Ashlesha are Two Entwining Snakes, a very sensual picture, and a Three Times Coiled Snake, like the sleeping Kundalini force. We can picture the DNA spiral too, and genetic manipulation.
It is important to note that people with a prominent Ashlesha energy are usually not aware of their immense power, (the power to inflict poison) they can hurt others more than they realize.

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