Today the moon travels through the Nakshatra of Poorvashada.

Here a little excerpt out of the book “Science of Light, Wisdom from the Stars” that comes with the Nakshatra Cards.

The Invincible Star

20 Poorvashada (2)

This Nakshatra is associated with the planet Venus and lies entirely
in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet Jupiter.
This Venus/Jupiter combination will certainly give rise to a lot of
enthusiasm, joy and eagerness, and a feeling of unlimited good
fortune, no wonder we call Poorvashada “the Invincible star”.
The presiding Deity here is Apah, the Goddess of Water, the source
of all life. An other name for Her is Varuni, the female counterpart
of Varuna, God of the oceans. She bestows good fortune and
happiness. Delightful Apah is a river Goddess, a fast flowing body of
water, full of energy, capable of crashing through any obstacle and
reaching the destination, refreshing and rejuvenating, while carrying
us swiftly forward.
The Symbols for Poorvashada are an elephant’s tusk and a (hand
held) fan. The elephant has no trouble to plow through anything
at all, unstoppable and immensely strong, using its tusk to remove
obstacles along the way. The Fan is an object of prestige, often
beautifully decorated. It can be used to coyly hide behind, but for this
Nakshatra it is most needed to cool things down, the energy extended
here can be quite over-exciting


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