The Nakshatra Cards come with a book “Science of Light, Wisdom from the Stars”. It gives some information and advice on each Nakshatra. I will publish a series of sort samples from the book, starting today with Punarvasu.
Punarvasu has the planet Jupiter assigned to it. It lies partly in
the sign of Gemini and partly in Cancer.7-punarvasu-2-1

For the Gemini part we look at a Jupiter/Mercury combination: optimism, curiousity and
communication could be keywords here. For the Cancer part of
Punarvasu we see a Jupiter/Moon combo, again, well placed planets
can give us great optimism, happy, generous emotions and natural
wisdom here. After the tribulations of Ardra Nakshatra, we happily
start anew in Punarvasu, the Star of Renewal.
The Deity residing in Punarvasu is none other than the Great
Goddess of the whole Creation, the Mother of the Universe, Aditi.
The Mother of the Gods who even created Her own father. She who
gives birth again and again. She personifies undivided, unlimited
space and consciousness. She is One, her forms are Many. She resides in all, all resides in Her.
The Symbols for this Nakshatra are:

1. A bow and a quiver full of arrows. The arrows, once aimed and shot, always magically return to the quiver, so here we can aim again and again.

2. A house. Punarvasu gives the protection and safety, like being in a nice home. People with
prominent Punarvasu traits are home-bodies, sometimes needing to
make more effort to get out and travel.

3. Two chariots (2 cars on the card), often life lessons happen in pairs or twice for Punarvasu people,
particularly in Gemini.

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