Astrological Report for 2019 … part 1 …

March 6th 2019

Jyotish, the Science of Light, Vedic Astrology

General Astrological Weather Report for the rest of this year.

The Saturn, Ketu, Pluto conjunction.


Hold on to your hat, this year, from March onward, we see some difficult conjunctions of opposing forces. Transformation and Revolution are on the cards.

Some of us, depending on planetary positions in our birth chart and individual planetary time periods, may be breezing through this coming time, but most of us will be affected psychologically and/or by outward circumstances.

Be patient, stay cool and in the here & now.

The Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu are about to move sign, into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. Ketu will travel the sky with Saturn and Pluto for the rest of 2019, which will make for very unexpected situations, past karmic resolutions, tension, hard work and dissatisfaction. Eventually this must lead to revolution and transformation, due to this a lot of the time this year we will have the feeling that we really don’t know what’s going on.

To get a flavour of these conjunctions, think of the chaos of Brexit or the Yellow Vest movement as a little fore runner of events to come.

For all of us, some ingrained habit or some structure we have built for ourselves will be highlighted by dissatisfaction. We will realize that falling back on some of our long familiar patterns or situations does not make us happy or fulfilled. In fact, maintaining these habits will become crucially painful. This painful process is necessary to force the breakdown of the old and outdated, within ourselves and for the world in general. Usually there is no need for change when everything is feeling groovy. But this year will be the game changer.

Change however will be near impossible and not voluntary with Saturn the planet of boundaries and structure involved. Saturn is much better at suffering than at letting go, thus opposing change, stoically bearing the pain and discomfort until the bitter end.

Yeah. Ouch.

Ketu represents our deeds from the past, the things we are familiar with, the safe patterns we fall back on, it even represents past lives. Saturn is the planet of karma and stark reality.  Now we will have to face the reality we have created for ourselves, the result of our past actions. We will realize that we will have to set a new pattern if we are unhappy in certain areas of out lives. A combination of these two planets may bring back people or issues from the past that we are not finished with. Pluto will bring sudden dissolution and transformation. Depending on our individual birth chart we will be confronted with, for example: past lovers, past non-payment of tax, long neglect of home or car maintenance, old enemies we haven’t dealt with properly, old family matters, people from past lives, out-dated ideas and beliefs about ourselves, or long standing wrong habits that may now result in ill health.

Check in what areas in your life you are beginning to feel really uncomfortable, eventually you will be forced to transform these things. This year will initiate the breakdown of the old, resulting in a period of dissatisfaction and uncertainty until a new paradigm will become manifest.

In general, because the conjunctions take place in the sign of Sagittarius, we will see an “en masse” breakdown of religious institutions and a huge realization of dissatisfaction with (moral) authority figures and structures world wide, gurus, judges, institutions and governments included.

This will include a possible change in our own beliefs systems and moral attitudes.

Religious desperadoes trying to hold on, resisting change, may resort to fanaticism and terrorism. Governments authorities counteracting the trend of dissatisfaction may instigate draconian laws.

If we fine tune to Nakshatra level, we find that these planetary conjunctions take place in the Nakshatra of Poorvashada. Poorvashada is ruled by the Apah, Deity of flowing water. Because of this we may see flooding and particularly bursting dams, as the indication is that structures (Saturn) will disintegrate (Ketu), resulting in sudden disaster (Pluto). Saturn the planet of karma will then demand compensation for the resulting damage to life and property.

With Ketu we may see sudden fires too.

Any old and unresolved enmity between nations may flare up, as Poorvashada is the Nakshatra that declares war. For example look at India and Pakistan, who are right now getting very worked up at each other.

Using the energy of Poorvashada to our advantage, we may “declare war” on our own old nasty habits, thus transforming our lives for the better in the long run. As within, so without, as the saying goes. If we want to see change in the world, we need to do the inner work as well. This Nakshatra is very optimistic by nature and good at enjoying the here and now, so lets try to tune into those qualities. As the outcome of the revolution will not become apparent this year, amid the uncertainties we may as well focus on the moment.

These conjunctions in Sagittarius, the sign of inner wisdom and truth, will ensure that meditation and higher learning will serve us well during this time. The spiritual aspects of the Ketu/Saturn combination can give us the determination to set a regular spiritual practice of meditation and contemplation.

Om Namah Shivay & Enjoy.



Be Well.   Best Wishes.

Greetings from New Zealand,     … Madhuri …

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