Astrological report 2019 part 2

Rahu in Gemini, outrageous communication.

March 20th 2019

Jyotish, the Science of Light, Vedic Astrology.

General Astrological Report for the rest of 2019. Part 2



Rahu, the North node of the Moon, has entered Gemini on the 7th of March this year and will travel through this zodiac sign until the 20th of September 2020. This calculation is based on the sidereal zodiac using the mean node for Rahu.

Many Vedic astrologers will see Gemini as the exaltation sign for Rahu, that means Rahu can accomplish it’s agenda very well here, which may sound like good news but we must remember that Rahu is a malefic influence.

Rahu is wild and much inclined to excess, as it is only the head of the mythological snake, it can not digest and is ever hungry for new experiences and never satisfied. Rahu is ravenous. In Gemini it will look for communication, fun and sharing with other people to the utmost.

Publication, interaction, courage, self-will, the media, and city life are some of the fields indicated by Gemini, while Rahu indicates new technology, taboo subjects, deception, drugs, intensity, and strangers among other things.

With this placement we can expect some new advances in technology, especially to do with communication, internet, film, computer games, advertising etc. If we look at Gemini as the city and Sagittarius as nature, then with Rahu (advance at all costs) in Gemini (city) vs Ketu (dis-interest) in Sagittarius (nature) we must be ready to face the onslaught of new technological developments at the cost of the natural world. This we are already experiencing with the beginning of the 5G roll out and the felling of a massive amount of trees to facilitate this, particularly in the cities. Despite protests and concern, with these placements of Rahu and Ketu we must expect to see full development of 5G and more destruction of nature accordingly this year. Rahu in Gemini wants more and faster communication, and no matter how fast, it is never satisfied.

Another development we might see this year with Rahu, (technology) in Gemini (interaction) is in the field of virtual reality, there could be much more advertising, innovation and discussion on this subject.

Gemini is known as Mithun in Vedic astrology, the symbol is not the twins but a couple, male and female, thus the sign has some sexual implications. With Rahu the taboo breaker in Gemini we may see some more weird and (not so) wonderful sexual technological excesses, gender confusion, sex robots and possibly things we cannot even imagine at the moment in the field of internet dating, pornography and related subjects.

I write all this not because i am interested in these subjects but as a warning. Rahu is very prone to addiction, deception and temptation. We must be extra careful during this one and a half year period, as we can be too easily influenced by our interaction with other people, it is best to stay aware of our own integrity and not be deceived and seduced by outward glitter and fireworks.

Recreational use of drugs to enhance interaction may be another issue, with addiction easily a possibility, as Rahu indicates drugs and illusion.

We must also be aware of what we say and publish, as we maybe prone to over the top comments on internet forums and social media, or outrageous replies to what people say to us. We may be resort  to ranting, in speech or otherwise, trying to share our delusions with others. Of course we are all likely to forget this advice of moderation while in the spur of the moment during this year.

Hopefully the opposition of Saturn to Rahu will keep us in touch with reality. Saturn being a planetary friend of Rahu may save us from the worst irrational desires and temptations. So folks, work with Saturn and keep it real.

With Rahu being so unpredictable, we can expect the unexpected in the field of technology and communication. Cyber crime is a possibility for sure.

Despite the bad rap Rahu gets, it plays an important part in our development. We have all incarnated on this planet to participate in life and to learn and integrate new experiences and lessons. Depending on what house of our Vedic birth chart Gemini represents, this house will get activated by Rahu, and whatever field of life that house represents for us, there we will be forced to participate, however reluctant we may be.

On the bright side: there will be lots of fun, interaction and entertainment. We will have the courage to say and do what we want, what makes us happy, to show who we are and share it. We will want to meet strange and unusual people, indeed the weirdos may even move in next door this year. We will want it all and then even more of it. Do not expect to gain any deep knowledge and higher studies from Rahu in Gemini. Mostly there will be a distinct lack of concentration. Variety, a little bit of everything, is the name of the game.

Meditation and truth must be found in the Ketu/Saturn conjunction.                                         

 Read about this in part 1 here:

Meanwhile, the faster moving planets will be changing signs and interaction with each other often, adding more spice or peace the overall situation. The results of Rahu are dependent  on the placement of it’s depositor, for this one and a half year period that is the planet Mercury. Mercury moves sign each month (unless it’s retrograde), so expect Rahu in Gemini to change agenda about once a month. Other planetary movements will also change the overall flavour of our experience during the year. For example: in mid June, Mars will conjunct Rahu and be in opposition to Saturn and Ketu, a perfect time to get busy, tense and angry or overthrow the status quo, get ready for some revolution if that’s your thing. More on the movements of the other planets and Rahu’s movement through the Nakshatras in later posts.

Enjoy the wild ride.

Stay well and balanced and keep it real.



Best Wishes and Greetings from New Zealand,

~ Madhuri ~

Next episode: 2019 Jupiter Gandanta, the boiling point.

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