September 2020 Astro Report. part 1

The Sting in the Tail of the Scorpion

So much is going on in the heavens this coming month, I will write this in two parts.

(Remember we are working with the sidereal zodiac which differs from the tropical zodiac used in Western Astrology. The sidereal zodiac is astronomically correct; it is what we actually see in the sky)


Lets looks at Venus first.

Venus moves from Gemini into the sign of Cancer on the 1st of September.XC560-902321751

The planet of Love, Pleasure and Comfort always has an agenda or an ulterior motive. It loves beauty, money and wants to exchange energy. It always expects a return of goods or love for favours given.

When it enters Cancer, ruled by the Moon, it has to play according to the rules of the Moon, the planet of motherly, unconditional love which does not expect anything in return for love, we can deduct that Venus is not entirely comfortable during her transit this month (until the 28th when she moves on, into Leo).

A Venus/Moon combination can also play very romantic and unrealistic scenarios in our minds and will make us overly emotional. That said, this month is not a bad time for romance or even true love to blossom.

Venus moves through Cancer once a year. What makes it interesting this time around is the mutual aspects of Saturn and Mars who are both retrograde.

Saturn’s 7th aspect will certainly add a feeling of frustration with our partner (or wife/husband), who seems to be too busy with mundane matters, or we will feel that our partner is restricting us in some ways, particularly in the realm of emotions. There may be a lack of emotional support or connection.

The Mars aspect will normally make things passionate and sexy, but now with mars retrograde we may feel the lack of these qualities, resulting in anger and more frustration.

Anyway, the planet Venus rules women. So do not be surprised if the women in your life have a massive freak out or an emotional meltdown, particularly on the 13th and 14th of this month when the Moon joins Venus. The frustration is real. Just be supportive and know that it will pass. The women in your life have been patiently giving too much of themselves recently. Don’t start a huge argument, it will not be helpful.


Full Moon takes place on the 2nd of September in the Nakshatra of Shatabhisha.24 Shatabhisha (2)

It can give certain flashes of insight when we take the time to contemplate the mysteries of the Universe. It is great for meditation on “nothingness”. Also, these are superb stars for healing the Aquarian way. Vibrational medicine, shamanic healing rituals and the like will be helpful. Due to the deity Varuna who rules this Nakshatra and who is said to see all we do and think, searching our hearts for our own wrong-doings and then true repentance will help a great deal towards healing ourselves under this influence, as Varuna is said to accept our apologies.

In the sign of Aquarius this Full Moon will inspire a wonderful feeling of “power to the people”. This is a great energy for another demonstration or uprising, or any other group activity that is meant to bring about healing or change.

When we look in the sky at this full Moon, we are looking directly at “100 faint stars” behind it. Each of these “stars” are actually galaxies, not stars at all. So this gives us a pretty far out and cosmic Full Moon energy.


Rahu and Ketu are changing signs later this month, on the 23rd.

Personally I feel that Rahu always makes one last desperate attempt to fulfil its particular mission before a change of track (or sign) is forced upon it.

Rahu in Gemini has resulted in a most outrageous outpour of conflicting ideas on the internet. Communication on social media has likewise reached hysterical levels at this time, and this will reach its crescendo during September.

We may feel likewise compelled make some comments or take some actions as if our life or future depends on it. With Rahu this kind of stuff may later prove to be absolutely over the top or even entirely illusory. Keep it cool folks!

More on what’s to come in the next episode….


Ketu, the South node, also getting ready to change sign, is in an extra precarious position known as Gandhanta in Vedic astrology. 19 MoolaThis Gandhanta point is between Scorpio and Sagittarius, where water and fire signs meet. Ketu is always retrograde and moves now from Fire (Sagittarius) to Water (Scorpio). This transition results in an explosion of hot steam. Furthermore this area of the heavens aligns with the black hole at the centre of our Galaxy, the ultimate source of our Galactic existence and the ultimate truth. It also aligns with the Stars in the tail of Scorpio, where we can expect a poisonous sting.

Ketu in Sagittarius makes great fanatics, religious or otherwise, so we can expect some more surprising and explosive action from people or groups defending their particular believe system or point of view. Ketu deals with the past, with the subconscious and is not able to reason things through. It works mostly irrational and with sudden eruptions. Whatever happens (if anything), we won’t see it coming.                  When Ketu establishes itself in Scorpio next month it will have to start working on a whole new agenda.                                                                      By the end of this month Ketu, while still in explosive mode, may reveal some deep dark secrets or scandals, for us individually or for the world at large.


Another titbit of news from the sky:

On the first of September Asteroid 11 ES 4 will zipp by extremely close to the Earth, so learned astronomers tell us.

The September 2020 Astro story will be continued in part 2…..


Best Wishes,

Greetings from Ireland

~ Madhuri ~



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