Lunar Eclipse, June 2020

The power to rise, conquer and gain courage.


Tonight is the night of the Full Moon and the partial Lunar eclipse.

As we know, during a Full Moon the general energy is strong and visible.

I mean, people are outgoing, more exuberant and like to go out to party. We throw caution to the wind and let our instincts bubble to the surface in full view of the world. Emotions that are usually calm and behind the scenes get played out in full view.

An Eclipse is often seen as a portent of doom, but it is also as an opportunity for change on a grander scale than your ordinary monthly Full Moon.

An Eclipse has a long lasting effect and just as you can feel the energy building towards the Full Moon, so we can see the effect of an eclipse manifesting sometime in advance.

I hardly have to tell you about the energy of this eclipse. It is blatantly obvious and playing out full power across the world. But just for clarity, here is my take on it.

First of all, we have many planets retrograde in the sky right now, meaning: they don’t work in the usual way. We are likely to have a look at how things have played out and like to reverse the general situation.

The Sun and retrograde Venus are together in the Stars of Rohini. These stars are associated with the Moon, thus these two bodies give much of their energies to whatever is playing out through the Moon.

The eclipse packs a real whammy in the Nakshatra of Jyestha, where the Moon is situated.  18 Jyestha

Jyestha is known as the Chief Star, ruled over by the God Indra, the king of heaven. Here we have a focus on power or a struggle for power. In the sign of Scorpio this power is not blatantly apparent as it would be in Leo where we clearly see the king on the throne, but here we are dealing with hidden or secret inner power. Inner authority, autonomy.

A certain level of paranoia or fear will be apparent, a fear that our power is taken away from us, hence the struggle to take it back.

The power to Rise, Conquer and Gain Courage is the Shakti or super power associated with Jyesta. Well, we are certainly tapping in to that.

Jyesta is said to be a hard, sharp and dreadful Nakshatra. It likes to take, or keep a position of power and authority by any means possible. It favours fighters, heroes and warriors. It gives great stamina and determination.

Jyesta Nakshatra also bestows protection, as seen from the symbol of the umbrella. We can also call up magical protection: see the other symbol of the magic amulet.

With retrograde Venus in Ronini we are likely forced to temporarily give up our sense of comfort and security to focus on what needs to be done. The growing of crops and a sense of civilisation or culture also fall under the domain of Rohini and will be similarly affected.

Mars (action) is still in Aquarius. Think rebellion, revolution. (and intensity in Poorvabhadrapada, where things can switch from cool to crazy in a flash)

Mercury (communication) is strong and “mad as hell” in Ardra star.


Oh well, I could tell you more, but have to go and join my own neighbourhood protest camp again. There is not much time for the comfort of home or business as usual these days.


Good luck with it all, folks.

Now is the time to Rise, Conquer and Gain Courage.


Greetings from Ireland,

 ~ Madhuri ~


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