June 2020 ~Astro Report~

Happy Solstice
Welcome to another wild ride for the month of June

First of all we must rejoice because the Kala Sarpa Yoga was broken by Mercury at the end of last month, freeing us from the karmic bondage that we experienced when all planets were hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu.

Furthermore, Rahu has moved from Ardra Nakshatra to Mrigashira, a much gentler energy to deal with. Again, this is a breakout for the Nodes of the Moon from the most difficult Ardra/Moola axis.

So now, hooray, this month starts a new chapter for the most karmic of planetary influences.

However, unfortunately we are not eagerly going forward and walk into the sunset to live happily ever after just yet, because four planets are retrograde at the start of the month with a fifth, Mercury, joining the retrograde brigade on the 17th. It’s time to make sense and take stock of what happened.

Saturn retrograde, the planet of work and limitations, is most likely making us go back to work, but with some restrictions in place. Hopefully we will also see a rethinking of certain restrictions on borders, perhaps an opening of travel and parcel post etc. Saturn works slow and cautious so don’t expect too much freedom straight away.

Jupiter Retrograde is still under heavy influence of restricting Saturn and in a debilitated position, so the planet of growth and optimism is not going to function according to its usual inclinations, nor is it going to grant us its beneficial blessings. To make matters worse, it is moving back to a tight conjunction with Pluto retrograde, this will eventually transform all that Jupiter stands for, such as religion, or religious leaders and institutions, universities, judicial and financial systems. Of course for transformation to occur we will have to experience complete chaos and destruction before we see a new paradigm emerge in these areas. This process will take time and we are in the middle of upheaval and uncertainty now.

Jupiter will retrograde back from Capricorn to Sagittarius on the 30th this month for a bit of respite. More on this next month.

Our beautiful Venus has been travelling the sky quite independently all year. 4 RohiniDue to Venus not being directly involved, most of us have been able to experience happiness and comfort despite all the difficulties imposed on us by all the other transits. In the first week of June Venus will be combust by the light of the Sun and will make the transition from being the Evening Star to Morning Star, and besides this, she will be retrograde all month. Venus indications such as our sense of love and beauty and comfort will be temporarily interrupted. We may feel a lack of money and experience some trouble or doubt in love relationships. Relationships from the past may be highlighted due to Venus retrograde. She goes direct on the 25th.

As thwarted Venus is in the Stars of Rohini, which indicate the exchange of cultural programs, it is now blatantly obvious that concerts, workshops, lectures and other such planned events are likely to be cancelled or reviewed. The transportation of food crops is also under Rohini’s domain, it was hampered in a big way and will be reviewed too.

On the 18th of June, Mars, the planet of action, moves from the sign of Aquarius to n26 UttarabhadrapadaPisces. Before that date, while Mars is in Aquarius, we may expect rebellion and mass social disobedience or uprising. After that, with Mars in Pisces, we can tap into the “Spiritual Warrior” energy, but it will still be very unsettled until the 24th when the planet moves to Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra. From then on, for about 3 weeks, we have the opportunity to use the raw energy of Mars in combination with the qualities of a true Peaceful Spiritual Warrior star. While Mars is travelling through this Nakshatra we are advised to bring our attention inward to improve ourselves, meditate, find true virtue, wisdom and inner peace, while showing compassion, empathy and benevolence to our fellow beings in the outer world. Humanitarian action is favoured by these stars too.

June is by no means an easy month. We will have a partial Lunar Eclipse and a Full (annular) Solar Eclipse.

During the Full Moon (5th June) there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse. It will take place in 18 JyesthaScorpio, in the Nakshatra of Jyestha, also known as “the Chief Star”. We will have to find our inner “hero” and learn to come to terms with our own independent authority on a deep level, as opposed to authority imposed on us externally by others. Be ready and prepared to enhance your own sovereignty and autonomy. This eclipse scenario is complex but extremely important considering the times we live in.  It will take too long to go into it fully. A report on this Eclipse will follow shortly.




The Solar Eclipse will take place on the 21st n5 Mrigashirawhen the Sun is at its full strength at mid-summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and at its lowest strength in the Southern parts during mid-winter. It’s a huge happening for the Sun to be darkened while at its highest brightness. The Full Eclipse takes place in the sign of Gemini and in the Nakshatra of Mrigashira, a gentle and peaceful star, but before the eclipse is over, the Moon has already moved into Ardra, the star of efforts, transformation, tears and sorrows, while the Sun will follow just a few hours after. In any case, it looks like we are avoiding the worst case scenario by the skin of our teeth. In astrological terms this eclipse is a huge event for the world and for all of us individually.

Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto, the ultimate transformer, during this time.

To get into all the complexities, I will have to write a separate article on this eclipse closer to the date. Meanwhile be prepared, stay alert.

We live in crazy and eventful times.

Be Happy, Stay Healthy, Be Strong!


Best Wishes and Greetings from Ireland.





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