April 2020 ~Astro Report~

Planetary transits for April 2020 (sidereal zodiac) 

April is the month when we will be confronted with the energy of Rahu und Ketu in a most pure and powerful way.

They have captured all the planets in a Kala Sarpa Yoga and both sit alone in their sign. The Nodes of the Moon are not planetary bodies but invisible points in the sky, thus they work in subtle and mysterious ways. As they are still in the most transformative and destructive Nakshatras, we can expect some karmic reset for the world at large and in our own lives.

Rahu in the Nakshatra of Ardra gives us the courage to make efforts towards fulfilling 6 Ardraour destiny and desires by taking drastic steps. This month we must aim to align with our purpose in life, although we may not quite know how to do this.

Some area in our life begs for transformation. Something must be cleared and destroyed to make way for a new energy or situation.

This personal transformation, and the transformation in the world at large, can not be achieved without some sorrow and tears for the loss of what has gone before. On the 22th Rahu moves into the Nakshatra of Mrigashira. I expect we will be over the peak of the Covid 19 disaster then.

Rahu calls for outward directed action.


On the other end of this axis we have Ketu in Moola, this month also free to act without 19 Moolahindrance.

Moola energy combined with Ketu asks us for total transformation. This works on the deepest inner level. It forces us to uproot all our delusionary attitudes and ideas to reach our ultimate inner truth. Through deep enquiry we may experience spiritual awakening and complete reversals in our life and belief systems.

This Rahu/Ketu axis is not for the faint hearted. We must be willing to face losses and, if our loved ones are bewildered by our new attitudes and actions, we may temporarily feel like an outcaste. This outcast feeling is of course also brought on by the lockdown and social distancing measures.

The Moon will activate the Ketu energy on an emotional level on April 13th.


The Nakshatra of Uttara Ashada is loaded with complicated planetary energy this month. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars (and Pluto) are all sitting together and not all of them get on well. This takes place in the sidereal sign on Capricorn.

In the world around us this combo of planets will put restrictions in place. By now we can see this is due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Saturn represents borders and restrictions, suffering and hard work. With Mars in the mix we may see the army and police forces involved.  Jupiter indicates travel, finance and religious institutions. Well, all that already ground to a halt and this is not likely to change this month.    Pluto makes sure things will never be the same again.

As without, so within. How this plays out on an individual level depends on our birth chart.

The best way to deal with it is to just get on with the work that is required of us. Maybe you will have to work on teaching your children, maybe work on relationship is required, maybe home and garden, your novel, art, sorting the website, the finances, work on ourselves, maybe look after elders. You will figure it out, just do the work.

We may feel things are developing too slowly for our taste, or we may feel restricted, frustrated, or maybe we need an entirely new approach, but be assured that slowly and steadily does it in this case. Our efforts will benefit us in the long run!

And of course, change brings new opportunities.


XC560-902321755Our individuality, status and sense of self, represented by the Sun will receive an aspect from Saturn during the first half of this month. This can diminish our drive and vitality while the Sun is in Revati Nakshatra. On the 14th we will feel a big improvement in self worth and vitality when it enters Ashwini, its sign of exaltation and away from the drishti of Saturn. Any self promotion will be much more appropriate and successful in the second half of this month.

We could see the number of cases of covid 19 diminish in some places from then on too, as Ashwini is the sign of the youthful healers, but this will be more apparent after the New Moon.


Full Moon on the 8th will be in the Nakshatra of Chitra.

Artist and designers, take this inspiring opportunity to show your brilliance and create14 Chitra great work. Opportunities may come your way.

We can be newly inspired and may feel the need to create beauty and elegance in some area of our life.

This Nakshatra deals with outward beauty. Fashion, jewellery, art, architecture, make up, landscape gardening and any form of design is favoured by this Moon.

Falling in the sign of Virgo we can pay good attention to detail.

If we reflect carefully, we will see that all that glitters isn’t gold.

A great time to find out what beauty is really all about.


The New Moon on the 23rd will see the Sun in exact exaltation.

This heralds a great time for a month ahead to start promoting new ventures. We will1 Ashvini feel extraordinarily self confident and can make quick decisions. Anything that is started this New Moon may give very fast results. We will feel powerful, youthful, and courageous.

Desires may suddenly be fulfilled (if we take the right action).

Health problems can be resolved quickly, as fast healing is indicated by the Nakshatra of Ashwini. Again this is a great boost to diminish the death rates we have been experiencing world wide due to Covid 19.

Ashwini is the Star of Transport. It is fast and impulsive, so try not to speed while driving. In the month ahead we can hope that some of the transport restrictions may be lifted.


Our beautiful planet Venus is shining bright in the evening sky. She feels extra happy in her own sign of Taurus. At first in hot Krittika Nakshatra she will take no nonsense and will tell us exactly what she wants. In Krittika, “the one who cuts,” we could feel cut off from our loved ones and our normal pleasures. From the second week onwards she will be in Rohini. Venus in this placement will make us feel beautiful, alluring and irresistibly romantic, or others may appear to us that way. An aspect of Jupiter will expand all these qualities and will add a sense of optimism to these feelings. Despite what is going on in the world, Venus still has the ability to make us feel comfortable and loved.

3. Krittika 4 Rohini


May we all radiate strength, courage, wisdom, kindness and beauty during these transformative times.


And Greetings from Ireland



2 thoughts on “April 2020 ~Astro Report~

    1. I am not a financial adviser, so don’t take my word for it. By mid May a review will start to see what actually happened during these panic restrictions. I don’t expect any recovery in the financial sector this year at all.. It will be up down up down..


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