Vedic Astrology Remedy for the Current Situation.

Mars ingress into Capricorn report

Today, 22nd of March 2020, the planet Mars will enter the sign of Capricorn. Here it joins Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn in Capricorn is responsible for the current restrictions and limits that are forced upon us externally at this time.

Pluto is adding the flavour of death, destruction and total transformation. We may expect this particular transformation of dissolution and renewal of the current power structure to be complete at the end of the 20 year Pluto transit.

When Mars joins this combo (from today onward) we will see that the police and the army will get involved in enforcing the restrictions.

We can also expect a strong feeling of frustration with these restrictions as Mars, the planet of action doesn’t take kindly to being forced to stay at home and do nothing. This sense of frustration could express itself in the form of public rebellion but surely without result.

Mars will leave the sign of Capricorn on May 4th.

The disaster of the worldwide Covid 19 outbreak was initiated by Solar eclipse of December 26th 2019. (see my predictions for 2020)

Eclipses in turn are caused by the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu. This time both are situated in the most destructive and transformative Nakshatras or Vedic stars.


The Remedy.

How do we get through this rather frustrating period of forced isolation in the best way?

 Here is the trick: We must focus on working in a wise manner with Rahu and Ketu.

Let us look at Ketu first.    XC560-902321757

Ketu, the South Node, works sudden, forceful and unexpected. It indicates disturbances, isolation, alienation, doubt and conflict. It is irrational and its effects are mostly detected through “feelings”.

Most of us are, at the moment, suddenly and unexpectedly forced into isolation. All these words are indicators of Ketu’s actions. We may experience conflicting feelings of alienation and doubt.

On the positive side, Ketu gives us compassion and great spiritual wisdom.

Be happy with the forced isolation. Isolation is the best remedy during this viral outbreak. It will bestow us with the blessings of Ketu.

It is excellent for concentration and meditation. We can use Ketu’s energy for working towards liberation and enlightenment. We can explore our subconscious and past life karmas.

These are the hidden gifts that self isolation and social distancing are presenting us with at this moment in time. Go deep and get to know yourself on a more profound level. Without distractions we can find what is truly valuable to us. We are meant to do this now.

Be happy and use this time well.


How to deal with Rahu?    XC560-902321754

Rahu, the North Node, wants us to follow our desires, our illusions and temptations. It is forever hungry for experiences, but always disappointed and dissatisfied. Rahu can give us irrational fears and phobias. It deals with deception and the use of drugs.

So we have seen Rahu’s fear and illusion in action through, for example, people fighting over toilet paper (haha).  I would certainly call that irrational. We have seen long queue’s at Amsterdam’s coffee shops of people worried about their future supply of weed. Others have been hoarding drugs, painkillers, hand sanitizers; you name it, all in the name of fear. Rahu is always dissatisfied, no matter how much it has been able to haul home.

Now we are marooned at home, not able to chase our desires as usual, not able to throw ourselves in the path of temptation in the outside world. Not able to immediately re-assert our illusions that involve goods or people or social situations, or even work, we can truly take time to explore our imagination, our disappointments and face our illusionary fears.

This time of isolation forces us to become aware of our irrational Rahu tendencies. Deceptive Rahu rarely give us a break to observe what we are really doing.

The energy of Rahu is placed in our lives to fulfil our life’s purpose. We need to stop the relentless chase of illusions and desires to find our true strength and courage and our true soul’s purpose.

These are the gifts and remedies of Rahu we may realise when we just calm down a bit.


Best Wishes

~ Madhuri ~



2 thoughts on “Vedic Astrology Remedy for the Current Situation.

  1. Aoife Williamson

    I’m really loving your posts. Mum gave me your cards and book last time she was in New York. You’re posts here help clarify how to use them. And your predictions are spot on. I look forward to reading more. I hope you and all your beautiful offspring (and their offspring) are happy and healthy.
    Love and peace,
    Aoife xXx


    1. Hi Aoife, What a surprise to hear from you. Great you are exploring the star energies with the help of the cards! They were created to be a fun and easy teaching tool, and to get people curious about this subject. Happy that you are delving into it a little. If you send me your date/place/time of birth i can email you your Vedic birth chart. With the help of the cards you can play with it to gain (more) self knowledge. I suppose you have plenty of spare time with this whole lockdown business? And yes, all of us are very well and i think a bit extra happy now the world has grind to a halt and we are all in wonderful places to enjoy it..
      Best Wishes, Madhuri


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