February 2020

Astro Report

eyes of kali_n

according to priciples of Vedic Astrology and using the sidereal zodiac

The planet Saturn has finally moved into Capricorn last month, starting a whole new cycle of re-organisation. Until the 13th of February it will share its zodiac sign with the Sun. This will keep ego, rulers and governments in check with restrictions and a sense of reality. Our own sense of importance will face the same reality check and our vitality may suffer a little too during this period.

After the 13th the Sun, representing our sense of self and our vitality, will move into the next sign of Aquarius where it will suddenly feel more free and eccentric, ready to interact with society as a whole. It can enable us to chase our highest ideals for about one month.

For a few days (13th – 17th) Mercury will be helpful to the Sun with interactions, playfulness and curiousity until it goes retrograde on the 17th for almost one month. The usual Mercury retrograde traits may then be experienced. Be ready for hiccups with communication, documents, travel, etc. after the 17th.

The first week of February holds a great opportunity of spiritual invigoration and inspiration with Ketu and Jupiter together in the Nakshatra of Purvashada. Pluto nearby will give the added energy for revelation and transformation.

This one week of peace(until the 8th this month) in the sign of Sagittarius is a great time for doing some deep inner work and will give us a subconscious push to concentrate on figuring out what we really believe in and hold dear on a spiritual level.

Make use of this opportunity!

Mars (planet of action) will enter this scene in Sagittarius on the 8th and will certainly disturb the peace. After a whole year of demonstrations, threats of war and uprising of the people the world over, now the warrior planet will get involved. It is ready to fight for righteousness in the sign of Sagittarius. Of course various groups of people will have radically different opinions of righteousness. All will be ready to take action and fight for their beliefs this month and into the first 3 weeks of March.

Around the 20th – 25th of February (or even a few days earlier when the Moon joins) we may see some very sudden destructive and explosive events as Mars conjuncts Ketu and at the same time moves through the point of the Solar eclipse that took place in December. This all takes place in the Nakshatra of Moola which has an enormous potential for destruction, transformation and for revealing the truth.

This really does look like a very unpleasant and dangerous combination!

(I would not be surprised if we see some explosive cosmic event too, like a Solar flare hitting Earth, or some activity at the centre of our Galaxy, but this is just wild speculation on my part).

Make sure you stay extra grounded during this period, go into nature, dig your garden. Be still, be centred. Dig for your own innermost truth.

 Venus, the planet of love, luxury and pleasure sits all alone most of this month in the sign of Pisces where she is exalted and working at her best, tuning into unconditional cosmic love and oneness. But now she is under scrutiny of both Saturn and Mars by Vedic aspects.

On the 26th she reaches her true point of exaltation, while the Moon joins her for a few days. We may very likely feel a sense of oneness with all the trouble in the world and this can be traumatic for those of us who are sensitive.

Please, guard your heart and feelings during these days and tune out of worldly affairs if you can.

Pluto moves into Capricorn by the end of the month, starting its 20 year long job of blowing up the established world order. After these 20 years a whole new generation will be in charge.

Take care of yourself this month.

Be Well.

Best Wishes


Greetings from Ireland.

~ Madhuri ~

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