Today the Moon travels through the Stars of Anuradha

Below a small excerpt from the book “Science of Light, Wisdom from the stars”.

The Star of Success.
Anuradha is associated with the planet Saturn and lies entirely
in Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars. The energy is comparable to a
Saturn/Mars conjunction, where the wisdom and patience of Saturn
tempers the passion of Mars. It leads to success here as Anuradha
follows, and forms a pair with, Vishaka Nakshatra where ambition
and focus is applied.17 Anuradha (2)
The Deity is Mitra, His name translates as “Friend”. The God of
Friendship, Love and Affection. The God of Bhakti, devotion. He
who is generous, gracious and kind and upholds the sacred law. Love
gives heaven on Earth. Long lasting loving friendships we see here.
The Symbols for Anuradha are: a triumphal arch decorated with leaves,
a staff, and a lotus flower. The archway represents victory. As part of
a wedding ceremony (affection, love and union) the couple passes
through such a decorated arch. The Lotus flower denotes the inherent
beauty, purity, and auspiciousness of the sentiments found in this
Nakshatra. The staff represents the wisdom and penance of the sage.